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Conferences ERC-IChaos

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Type Title Organization Location Start date End date Other
Summer School School on Algebraic, Geometric and Probabilistic Aspect of Dynamical Systems and Control Theory HSE, Moscou
I2M, Marseille
ICTP, Trieste
ISAS, Trieste
Penn State, USA
USP, Sao Paulo
ICTP, Trieste, Italy 2016/07/04 2016/07/15 ICTP Trieste
Workshop Ergodic Theory I2M, Marseille Carry-Le-Rouet, France 2016/05/05 2016/05/11 photos
ERC Thematic week Random Matrices and Determinantal Process I2M, Marseille CIRM Luminy, France 2017/02/27 2017/03/03 videos
Workshop Quasi-symmetries for Pfaffian point processes I2M, Marseille CIRM Luminy, France 2017/04/06 2017/04/14 photos
Workshop The Chaotic properties of the point processes I2M, Marseille CIRM Luminy, France 2017/09/25 2017/10/06 photos
Workshop Working group on point processes and related topics I2M, Marseille IESC Cargèse, France 2018/03/19 2018/03/24 photos
Conference From Order to Chaos I2M, Marseille CRM Ennio De Giorgi Pise, Italie 2018/03/19 2017/03/24 -
Workshop Spectral properties of parabolic flows I2M, Marseille CIRM Luminy, France 2018/10/03 2018/10/12 -