Transition between Rauzy fractals

Parameter = ---


Move the mouse to choose the parameter (0 is the left and 1 is the right of the drawing area).

If the drawing is too slow, try with another web browser, or with another computer.

What is drawn ?

The picture above, drawn using WegGL, shows Rauzy fractals between the two following :
a -> ab
b -> c
c -> a
a -> ab
b -> ac
c -> a

But the coloration isn't correct except for the Tribonnacci fractal.
More precisely, the fractal drawn with parameter t correspond to the automaton :
Automaton describing parametrized fractals between two Rauzy fractals with βt root of X3 - X2 - tX - 1.
The corresponding Rauzy fractal Rt is the union of smallest non-empty compact set Rtl satisfying
Rtl = ∪L →x l ∈ A βt RtL + x