Serge E. Troubetzkoy

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  1. Pseudo-physical measures for typical continuous maps of the interval (with E.Catsigeras) PDF

List of Publications

  1. λ-stability of periodic billiard orbits (with J.P. Gaiväo) Nonlinearity (2018) PDF
  2. Topologically weakly mixing polygonal billiards (with J. Bobok) Proceedings American Mathematical Society (2018) PDF
  3. On the Hausdorff dimension of minimal interval exchange transformations with flips (with A. Skripchenko) Journal London Mathematical Society (2018) PDF
  4. Infinite ergodic index of the Ehrenfest wind-tree model (with A. Malaga Sabogal) Communications in Mathematical Physics 358 (2018) 995-1006. PDF
  5. Weakly mixing polygonal billiards (with A. Malaga Sabogal) Bulletin London Mathematical Society 49 (2017) 141-147. PDF
  6. Residual generic ergodicity of periodic group extensions over translation surfaces (with D. Ralston) Geometriae Dedicata 187 (2017) 219-239. PDF
  7. Ergodicity of the Ehrenfest Wind-Tree model (with A. Malaga Sabogal) C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris 354 (2016) 1032-1036. PDF
  8. Minimality of the Ehrenfest Wind-Tree model (with A. Malaga Sabogal) Journal Modern Dynamics 10 (2016) 209-228. PDF
  9. Multiple mixing from weak hyperbolicity by the Hopf argument (with Y. Coudčne and B. Hasselblatt) Stochastics and Dynamics 16 (2016) 15pp PDF
  10. Entropy and complexity of polygonal billiards with spy mirrors (with A. Skripchenko) Nonlinearity 28 (2015) 3443-3456. PDF
  11. Polygonal billiards with one sided scattering (with A. Skripchenko) Annales de l'Insitut Fourier 65 (2015) 1881-1896. PDF
  12. Homotopical rigidity of polygonal billiards (with J. Bobok) Toplogy and its Applications 173 (2014) 308-324. PDF
  13. Dynamical diophantine approximation (with A.-H. Fan and J. Schmeling) Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 107 (2013) 1173-1219. PDF
  14. Orbit structure of interval exchange transformations with flips (with A. Nogueira and B. Pires) Nonlinearity 26 (2013) 525-537. PDF
  15. Ergodicity of certain cocyles over certain interval exchanges (with D. Ralston) Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems 33 (2013) 2523-2529. PDF
  16. Ergodic infinite group extensions of geodesic flows on translation surfaces (with D. Ralston) Journal of Modern Dynamics 6 (2012) 477-497. PDF
  17. Recurrence in generic staircases Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems 32 (2012) 1047-1053. PDF
  18. Code & Order in polygonal billiards (with J. Bobok) Topology and its Applications 159 (2012) 236-247. PDF
  19. Infinite - horizon Lorentz tubes and gases: recurrence and ergodic properties (with M. Lenci) Physica D 240 (2011) 1510-1515. PDF
  20. Coding Discretizations of Continuous Functions (with C. Rojas) Discrete Mathematics 31 (2011) 620-627. PDF
  21. Does a billiard orbit determine its (polygonal) table? (with J. Bobok) Fundamenta Mathematicae 212 (2011) 129-144. PDF
  22. Topological and symbolic dynamics for hyperbolic systems with holes (with S. Bundfuss and T. Krueger) Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 31 (2011) 1305-1323. PDF
  23. The Ehrenfest wind-tree model: periodic directions, recurrence, diffusion (with P. Hubert and S. Lelievre) Journal fuer die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelle's Journal) 656 (2011) 223-244. PDF
  24. Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Mathematical billiards (with S. Tabachnikov) Oberwolfach Reports 7 (2010) 955-957.
  25. Typical recurrence for the Ehrenfest wind-tree model Journal of Statistical Physics 141 (2010) 60-67. PDF
  26. Approximation and billiards Systčmes dynamiques et approximations diophantiennes, Séminaires et congrčs, Société Mathématique de France 20 (2009) 175-187. PS PDF
  27. Dual billiards, Fagnano orbits and regular polygons American Mathematical Monthly 116:3 (2009) 251-260. PS PDF
  28. Modular fibers and illumination problems (with P. Hubert, and M. Schmoll) International Mathematics Research Notices (2008) no. 8 Art. ID rnn011, 42pp.PDF
  29. Quantisations of piecewise affine maps on the torus and their quantum limits (with C.-H. Chang, T. Krueger and R. Schubert) Communications in Mathematical Physics 282 (2008) 395-418. PS PDF
  30. Periodic billiard orbits in right triangles Annales de l'Institut Fourier 55 (2005) 29-46. PS PDF
  31. Rotor interaction in the annulus billiard (2004) (with P. Balint) Journal Statistical Physics 117 (2004) 681--702. PS PDF
  32. Ergodicity of Two Hard Balls in Integrable Polygons (with P. Balint) Nonlinearity 17 (2004) 2069-2090. PS PDF
  33. Recurrence and periodic billiard orbits in polygons, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics 9 (2004) 1-12. PDF PS
  34. The Gauss map on a class of interval translation mappings (with H. Bruin) Israel Journal of Mathematics 137 (2003) 125-148. PS
  35. Recurrence and Lyapunov Exponents (with B. Saussol and S. Vaienti) Moscow Mathematical Journal 3(1) (2003) 189-203. DVI PS
  36. Inhomogeneous Diophantine Approximation and Angular Recurrence for Polygonal Billiards (with J. Schmeling) Mat. Sbornik 194 (2003) 295-309. DVI PS
  37. Return Time Statistics via Inducing (with H. Bruin, B. Saussol and S. Vaienti) Ergodic Theory Dynamical Systems 23 (2003) 991-1013. DVI PS
  38. Billards Polygonaux (with P. Hubert) Le bulletin de la FRUMAM 5 (2003) 7-11.
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  42. Circles and polygons Geom. Dedic. 80 (2000) 289-295.
  43. Invariant measures for Anosov maps with small holes (with N. Chernov and R. Markarian) Ergodic Theory Dynamical Systems 20 (2000) 1007-1044.
  44. A method for quantification of absolute amounts of nucleic acids by competitive (RT)-PCR and a new mathematical model for data analysis (with H.L. Vu, H.H. Nguyen, M. Russel and J. Mestecky) Nucleic Acids Research Methods 18-7 (2000)
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  71. An efficient implementation of a context dependent lossless speech compression scheme, (with G. Langdon) IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin SA8-85-0284 (1985)