Serge Troubetzkoy

June 1987                              PhD, Mathematics, Stanford University
Dissertation Title: Extreme Instability of the Horocycle Flow
Thesis Advisor: Donald Ornstein
March 1984                         MS, Mathematics, Stanford University
May 1982: BS (Cum laude), Mathematics, DeForest Prize in Mathematics, Yale University

Research Interests
Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory, Billiards, Symbolic Dynamics, Dimension Theory

Work Experience
2014-2015:                      Assistant Director Institut Mathématiques de Marseille
2010-2012 Assistant Director Graduate School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences ED184
2008-2010 President Department of Mathematics
1999-present Université d'Aix-Marseille, Professor, Departement of Mathematics, Institut Mathématiques de Marseille
1995-1999: University of Alabama at Birmingham, Assistant Professor
1993-1995: SUNY Stony Brook, Assistant Professor
1993: ETH Zurich, Visitor
1990-93: Universitat Bielefeld, Scientific Researcher
1989-90: University of Warwick, Lecturer
1988-89: University of Toronto, Postdoctoral Fellow
1987-88: Leningrad University and Steklov Institute, Research Scholar (IREX grant)
1985-86: IBM-Almaden Research Lab, Research Student Associate
Symbolic dynamics and coding theory project (with Brian Marcus)
Summer 1985: IBM-Almaden Research Lab, Summer Associate
Speech compression project (with Glen Langdon)
English: native, Russian: native, French: good, German: good

Talks - Conferences
Zero entropy system, CIRM (11/17), Translation surfaces and dynamics, Bedlewo, Pologne (11/15), Visegrad conference, dynamical systems, Prague (6/15), Open dynamical systems, ergodic theory, probabilistic methods and applications, Banff, Canada (4/12), Flows on surfaces, symbolic dynamics and dynamics in moduli spaces, Moscou (12/11), Ergodic theory and dynamical systems, Warwick, Angleterre (7/11), Ergodic Theory, limit theorems and dimensions, ESI Vienne (12/07), Nouvelles interfaces des mathématiques, IML (3/06), Algebraic and topological dynamics, MPIM Bonn (7/04), Systèmes dynamiques et approximations diophantiennes, IHP Paris (6/04), Nonuniformly expanding dynamical systems, CIRM Marseille (5/04), Dynamique dans l'espace de Teichmuller et applications aux billards rationnels, CIRM Marseille (6/03), Systèmes dynamiques et modelisation en algorithmique, Paris (5/03), Dynamical systems from number theory to probability, Lund (9/02), Rencontre FRUMAM-APMEP (2/02), Atelier billard, Montpellier (6/01), Systèmes Dynamiques, l'odyssée dynamique, Marseille (2/01), Dyanmical Systems: Crystals to Chaos, Marseille (7/98), Maryland-Penn State Dnyamical Systems Workshop (3/98), DFG Kolloquium, Irsee (7/97), Southwest Dynamical Systems Conference, Univ. North Texas (4/97), Hyperbolic Systems with Singularities, Schroedinger Inst. (12/96), Maryland-Penn State Dynamical Systems Workshop (10/96), Banach Semester, Banach Center Warsaw (7/95), Dynamics of  Zd actions, University of Warwick (7/94), Maryland-Penn State Dynamical Systems Workshop (3/94), German-Polish Dynamical Systems Workshop (10/93), Maryland-Penn State Dynamical Systems Workshop (3/93), Workshop on Dynamical Systems, University of Porto (8/92), Dynamical Systems, Oberwolfach (7/92), Chaotic Dynamical Systems, Woudschoten, the Netherlands (6/92), Dynamics of Complex and Irregular Systems, ZiF, Bielefeld (12/91), Dynamical Systems, Euler International Mathematical Institute, Saint Petersburg (11/91), Symbolic Dynamics and its Applications, Yale University (8/91), Hyperbolic Spaces and Mathematical Physics, ZiF Bielefeld (6/91), Conference on Ergodic Theory and Related Topics III, Martin Luther Universitat Halle-Wittenberg (10/90), Ergodic Theory and Symbolic Dynamics Conference, University of Washington (7/89), Geometry of Hamiltonian Systems Conference, MSRI (7/89), Canadian Mathematical Society Meeting, Special Session in Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems (12/88)
Talks - Seminars
Keio University (7/18), Kyoto University (7/18), Kyushu University (7/18), SUNY Stonybrook (3/18), Universidad de la República (3/17), SUNY Stonybrook (11/16), SUNY Stonybrook (1/15), Université d'Avignon (5/12), Penn State University (Colloquium) (4/12), Paris XIII (02/11), Amiens (04/09), Paris VI/VII (10/06), University of Bielefeld (4/04), Lund University (11/03), Osaka City University (10/03), Sapporo University (9/03), Kieo University (9/03), University of Bielfeld (4/03), Université d'Avignon (5/02), Technical University-Berlin (4/00), Université d'Aix-Marseille (5/99), Georgia State University (Colloquium) (3/99), University of South Alabama (Colloquium) (3/99), University of Central Arkansas (Colloquium) (2/99), Ohio University (Colloquium) (2/99), Technical University-Berlin (12/98), Technical University-Berlin (Colloquium) (12/98), Concordia University (Colloquium) (11/98), CUNY Staten Island (Colloquium) (3/98), Georgia Southern University (Colloquium) (3/98), Free University of Berlin (7/97), University of Rennes (7/97), University of Memphis (Colloquium) (1/95), University of Arizona (Colloquium) (1/95), University of Alabama Birmingham (Colloquium) (1/95), Rockefeller University (10/94), Tufts University (4/94), Boston University (4/94), CUNY Graduate Center (4/94), Penn State University (3/94), Adelphi University (Colloquium) (3/94), ETH Zurich (12/93), ETH Zurich (3/93), Georgia Institute of Technology (3/93), Universitat Greifswald (12/92), Institut f. Angewandte Mathematik und Stochastik Berlin (12/92), Penn State University (10/92), SUNY Stony Brook (10/92), Cambridge University (5/92), Georgia Institute of Technology (4/92), Moscow State University (11/91), Delft University (10/91), University of Warwick (6/91), Ruhr Universitat Bochum (2/89), Universitat Bielefeld (2/89), Tbilisi University (6/88), Steklov Institute Leningrad Branch (4/88), Leningrad University (2/88), Ukranian Academy of Sciences (11/87), Steklov Institute Leningrad Branch (9/87)

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