Séminaires signal - apprentissage
Signal processing - machine learning seminars

The seminar usually takes place in room 164 at CMI ("Salle de seminaire", first floor). There are also special sessions at the FRUMAM-FRIIAM place, in the city center.

Arriving in Marseille

If you come by plane, there is a direct shuttle from Marseille Airport to the Main station "Gare Saint Charles" (one bus every 20 min, journey: 25min). If you come by train or bus, make sure you arrive at the main station "Gare Saint Charles".

CMI - Château Gombert

To come to the Centre de Mathématiques et Informatique (Center of Mathematics and Computer Science, CMI) from the train station Saint Charles or downtown (the old harbor), the trip takes approximatively 40 minutes. Here are some instructions :

FRUMAM-FRIIAM- Saint Charles

The FRUMAM-FRIIAM seminar rooms are located on the campus of Aix Marseille Université, near the main station "Saint Charles" of Marseille. A map of the campus is available on the web site of the Frumam-Friiam here ("Plan d'acces campus - plan d'acces locaux") To get there from the station, follow the shopping alley inside the station and go down the stairs at the end. In front of you will appear Aix Marseille Université buildings.
Inside the university campus, enter the building 7 "DENTES" (green sign on the map below). You have an elevator until the second floor but the seminar room can on the second or third floor.

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