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30 mai 2018: 1 événement


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30 mai 2018: 1 événement

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    Du 28 au 30 mai 2018 - WORKSHOP

    Master Class Applied Mathematics CEPS

    Résumé : WORKSHOP,
    The Master Class Applied Mathematics CEPS is a three-day training course whose goal is to present the themes of the Master 2 Applied Mathematics CEPS in Marseille, namely scientific computing, partial differential equations, probabilities and statistics. An important place will be given to the decompartmentalisation between deterministic and random aspects on the one hand and theory, numerical methods and applications on the other hand. The annual theme of the Master 2 Applied Mathematics CEPS being : Mathematics of energy, the Master Class will be structured around applications to energy.
    This training applies to all students interested in applied mathematics (students currently in Master 1 will be high-priority, but applications of students in Master 2 will also be considered). It aims at introducing research in applied mathematics to students, in a privileged environment which enables real interactions with the invited researchers (from universities, institutes and companies).
    ​This Master Class will consist of four mini-courses of three hours and three talks of one hour by researchers from institutes and companies, arround the theme of mathematics of energy.aster Class Mathématiques appliquées CEPS
    Mini-courses :
    - Statistical methods applied to energy
    - Around the notion of entropy in PDEs and probability
    - Numerical Methods for fluid mechanics
    - Reaction-Diffusion equation for combustion models ​
    Steering committee :
    - Julia Charrier (I2M, Marseille)
    - Maxime Hauray (I2M, Marseille)
    - Raphaèle Herbin (I2M, Marseille)
    - Erwan Hillion (I2M, Marseille)
    - Oleg Lepski (I2M, Marseille)
    Sponsors :
    - Aix-Marseille Université (AMU)
    - Fédération de Recherche Fusion par Confinement Magnétique-ITER (FR-FCM/ITER 3029)
    - Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille (I2M)
    - LabEx Archimède

    Site web du colloque
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    Autre lien : CIRM

    Lieu : CIRM - 163 avenue de Luminy
    Case 916
    13288 MARSEILLE - Cedex 9

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