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18 mars 2019: 2 événements


  • Agenda ERC IChaos

    Du 15 au 19 mars - Alexander BUFETOV

    Scientif collaboration with D.CHELKAK

    Lieu : Ecole Normale Supérieure - Paris 5ème

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  • Séminaire Géométrie, Dynamique et Topologie (GDT)

    Lundi 18 mars 14:00-15:00 - Alexandra KJUCHUKOVA - Université de Bonn

    A knot invariant arising from branched covers of S^4

    Résumé : I’ll begin by recalling dihedral branched covers of knots in $S^3$. These are covers associated to Fox colorings of knots diagrams. Then, I will describe an analogous picture for surfaces in $S^4$. The surfaces considered are not smoothly embedded ; they admit cone singularities. I will give some examples of dihedral covers between familiar four-manifolds, e.g. $\mathbbCP^2\to S^4$, and I will explain how these can be used to define a ribbon obstruction for a class of knots.

    JPEG - 9.5 ko
    Alexandra KJUCHUKOVA

    Lieu : CMI, salle de séminaire R164 (1er étage) - I2M - Château-Gombert
    39 rue Frédéric Joliot-Curie
    13453 MARSEILLE cedex 13

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