- Indecomposable $F_N$-trees and minimal laminations arxiv link

Auteur(s): Coulbois T., Hilion A., Reynolds Patrick

(Article) Publié: Groups Geometry And Dynamics, vol. 9 p.567–597 (2015)

Ref HAL: hal-01218334_v1
Ref Arxiv: 1110.3506
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We extend the techniques of [CH] to build an inductive procedure for studying actions in the boundary of the Culler-Vogtmann Outer Space, the main novelty being an adaptation of the classical Rauzy-Veech induction for studying actions of surface type. As an application, we prove that a tree in the boundary of Outer space is free and indecomposableif and only if its dual lamination is minimal up to diagonal leaves. Our main result generalizes [BFH97, Proposition 1.8] as well as the main result of [KL11].