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Agenda ERC IChaos

par Lozingot Eric, Teychene Romain - publié le , mis à jour le



groupe de travail

  • Du 5 au 25 septembre - Alexander BUFETOV

    Scientific collaboration with Andrey DYMOV

    Lieu : Stecklov Math. Institute of RAS - Moscou

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  • Du 25 septembre au 6 octobre - organized by A.BUFETOV & P.NIKITIN

    Workshop at CIRM - The Chaotic properties of the point processes

    Résumé : participants : A.TARASOV, I.LOSEV, D.ZUBOV, M.STEVENS, P.LAZAG.
    Abstract : Several important results in the theory of determinantal point processes were established during the past years. First of all, recall that a determinantal process is rigid if for any ball the number of points inside this ball is almost surely determined by the configuration outside the ball. The proof of the rigidity for a list of determinantal point that were explicity described by A.Bufetov for a large class of processes. The next natural question is to consider the limit when the size of the ball tends to infinity, it was done in a recent paper of A.Kujillars and E.Mina-Diaz.
    Second, we have a recent proof of the uniqueness of the functional CLT for the sine process by A.Bufetov and A.Dymov.
    Then, we have a partial proof of the uniqueness of the symmetric kernel of the process by M.Stevens.
    We plan to discuss the details of this fascinating developments and the methods of the proofs of the corresponding statements in Pfaffian case.

    Lieu : CIRM Luminy - 163 Avenue de Luminy
    13009 Marseille

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