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School on Geometry and Dynamics (geomdynmrs14)

Du 31 mars 2014 au 4 avril 2014 -

School on Geometry and Dynamics (geomdynmrs14)

Résumé : There will be 6 courses on different aspects of dynamical systems :


- Benoist Yves (3h) : Recurrence on homogeneous space.
- Foulon Patrick (1h30) : Entropy of convex real projective structures.
- Paulin Frédéric (3h) : Hyperbolic geometry and ergodic methods. Application to arithmetics.
- Quint Jean-François (3h) : Dynamics on homogeneous space.
- Rodriguez-Hertz Federico (3h) : Smooth and measure rigidity of hyperbolic lattice actions.
- Schapira Barbara (3h) : Horocyclic flows on hyperbolic surfacess.

There will be also several lectures of 45 minutes :

- Pesin Yakov : Thermodynamics of towers of hyperbolic type and the liftability problem.
- Pollicott Mark : Dynamical definitions of the Weil-Petersson metric on moduli space.
- Prikhodko Sasha : Dynamical system constructions of measures of Salem type.
- Qiu Yanqi : Scaling limits for Christoffel-Darboux kernels associated with some modified Jacobi’s orthogonal polynomial ensembles.


- Bédaride Nicolas (I2M, Marseille)
- Bufetov Alexander (I2M, Marseille)
- Duchin Moon (Tufts University, USA)
- Hubert Pascal (I2M, Marseille)
- Rodriguez Hertz Federico (Penn State, USA)
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