A few words on games

Robbert Fokkink

Date(s) : 03/10/2022   iCal
15 h 00 min - 16 h 00 min

An impartial combinatorial game involves a set of positions that are either won or lost for the player that moves next. These are the so-called N-positions. If you know the set of N-positions, then you have solved the game. Members of our community will immediately wonder if the characteristic sequence of the set of N-positions form a word. It turns out that Fibonacci word gives the set of N-positions in Wythoff Nim. Eric Duchene and Michel Rigo found other examples of impartial games that are given by words, initiating ongoing work on the link between words and games. In this talk I will show how a modification of Wythoff Nim can be described by the Tribonacci word. This is joint work with Dan Rust and Cisco Ortega.

Video and slides here : https://www.i2m.univ-amu.fr/wiki/Combinatorics-on-Words-seminar/


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