Algebras in Relational Semantics

Guy McCusker
Bath, UK

Date(s) : 30/11/2023   iCal
11 h 00 min - 12 h 30 min

The well-known relational semantics of linear logic is constructed out of two kinds of free algebra construction: the powerset and the set of finite multisets of a set. This model occupies a central position in denotational semantics. It can interpret typed and untyped lambda-calculus, and is closely related to non-idempotent intersection type systems. In this talk we’ll present a viewpoint on this model that brings it closer to the approaches of mainstream algebra, and investigate some variations that are suggested by that point of view, leading to new models, some of which turn out to be old friends in disguise. This talk reports on work in progress which has benefited from discussion with Jim Laird, Pierre Clairambault and Lionel Vaux Auclair.

IRES Marseille


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