Codes with identifiable parent & traceability properties, and broadcast encryption

Elena Egorova
Skoltech, Moscou

Date(s) : 14/11/2019   iCal
11 h 00 min - 12 h 00 min

In this talk we address the problem of broadcast encryption schemes resistant to collusion attacks of malicious users and consider the corresponding mathematical models known under the name of IPP codes and Traceability codes. For any set U of q-ary vectors of length n we define its convex hull <U> as the set of vectors z such that each coordinate of z coincides with corresponding coordinate of at least one vectors of U. A q-ary code C of length n is called a t-IPP code if for any q-ary vector z either intersection of all t-subsets U of C such that z ∈ <U> is non-empty or there is no t-subsets U of C such that z ∈ <U> . We describe the known results as well as some open problems concerning IPP codes and traceability codes.


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