Flapping flight in air and water: Bio-inspiration from tiny insects and sea butterflies

University of South Florida, Tampa, USA

Date(s) : 12/01/2022   iCal
15 h 00 min - 16 h 00 min

The flapping of wings is a common locomotion technique for tiny animals in both air and water. Insects flap their wings to fly in air, and zooplanktonic marine snails called sea butterflies flap wing-like appendages (called parapodia) to “fly” in water. Despite the thousand-fold difference in density between air and water, the flight systems of these very different animals show surprising similarities in how the wings move and in how they generate lift. These similarities point towards the possibility of designing a bio-inspired micro-aerial vehicle capable of aerial and aquatic flapping flight, but the fluid dynamics of such flight systems are not well understood. Here I describe our experimental efforts to understand these locomotion systems.

IOSSB Seminar


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