François Brucker (Centrale Marseille\, LIF): Latticial Approach for clustering problems

Date(s) : 20/06/2013   iCal
14 h 00 min - 15 h 00 min

Latticial Approach for clustering problems\nBy François Brucker\, Centrale Marseille\, LIF.\n\nWe present a combinatorial model which generalizes phylogenetic trees. This model links together a graph model (strongly chordal graphs)\, a lattice model (crown-free lattices) and a clustering model (chordal quasi-ultrametrics). This structure allows to model networks and to associate attributes/labels to data. In classification\, this kind of approximation yields a global visualization of the clusters and their relationships through dedicated 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional representations. It can be seen as a compromise between hierarchies (simple struc- ture\; easy to interpret) and general lattices (rich interactions between elements\; hard to interpret).\n\nWe conclude be some open problems and possible links between this approach and machine learning methods like decision tree.

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