Fuglede’s conjecture in Q_p

Date(s) : 26/01/2016   iCal
9 h 30 min - 12 h 00 min

In this talk, I will report our recent progress on spectral conjecture (or Fuglede’s conjecture) in the filed Qp of p-adic numbers. We prove that Fuglede’s conjecture holds in Qp, i.e a Borel set of positive and finite Haar measure in Qp is a spectral set if and only if it tiles Qp by translation. Moreover, the spectral sets are proved to be almost compact open and characterized by the p-homogeneity which is easy to check.This is a joint work with (Ai-Hua FAN, Lingmin LIAO, Ruxi SHI).

CIRM, Luminy


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