Homological computations for term rewriting systems

Samuel Mimram
LIX, Polytechnique Palaiseau

Date(s) : 07/07/2016   iCal
11 h 00 min - 12 h 00 min

An important problem in universal algebra consists in finding presentations of algebraic theories by generators and relations, which are as small as possible. Exhibiting lower bounds on the number of those generators and relations for a given theory is a difficult task because it a priori requires considering all possible saets of generators for a theory and no general method exists. In this article, we explain how homological computations can provide such lower bounds, in a systematic way, and show how to actually compute those in the case where a presentation of the theory by a convergent rewriting system is known. We also introduce the notion of coherent presentation of a theory in order to consider finer homotopical invariants. In some aspects, this work generalizes, to term rewriting systems, Squier’s celebrated homological and homotopical invariants for string rewriting systems.
This is joint work with Philippe Malbos.


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