Normalizing renormalization (1)

Sophie Mutzel

Date(s) : 10/11/2022   iCal
17 h 00 min - 18 h 30 min

Renormalization is one of the most powerful conceptual frameworks in theoretical physics. Renormalization was first introduced as a systematic tool for subtracting ultraviolet divergences in perturbative quantum field theory at the end of the 1940s. The pioneering work of Kenneth Wilson gave it a physical meaning and tied the relation to statistical physics. His work dramatically changed the way we think about quantum field theories and earned him the Nobel Prize in 1982. The key idea of the renormalization group is that phenomena at different scales relate to one another. The theoretical framework often causes confusion among students attending quantum field theory classes (including myself). Here, I will attempt to „normalize renormalization“: I start by a general discussion of „how we do physics“ and introduce some prerequisites needed in quantum field theory. I will then apply the algorithm of „doing physics“ to quantum field theories which leads us to the renormalization group equations. I will focus on a specific „regularization scheme“, namely lattice regularization, which naturally provides a momentum cutoff. If time permits it, I will introduce the concept of perfect actions, which are lattice actions whose predictions agree with those of the continuum action, and this independently whether the lattice is fine or coarse.


Le séminaire des doctorant⋅es de l’I2M et du CPT à Luminy regroupe chaque semaine les doctorant⋅es du site autour d’un exposé plus ou moins (in)formel, dans un cadre convivial. Il est évidemment ouvert aux étudiant⋅es de master et aux doctorant⋅es d’autres laboratoires.

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Site Sud, Luminy, Ancienne BU, Salle Séminaire2 (RdC)


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