Stability and sensitivity analysis of bird flight

Gianmarco Ducci

Date(s) : 09/09/2020   iCal
14 h 00 min - 14 h 30 min

Birds have been a source of inspiration for the scientific community for decades. Flight dynamics is one of the many fascinating aspects about bird flight, especially regarding their ability of reacting to environmental perturbations, to maintain straight trajectories despite wind, and to perform outstanding agile maneuvers.
We introduce a numerical framework aiming at identifying trimmed conditions, and quantifying the stability properties of flapping flight at the scale of migratory birds. Such framework builds upon the coupling of a quasi-steady morphing lifting line with a multiple-shooting algorithm.
The lifting line takes the wing kinematics as input, and calculates the aerodynamic loads at every time step acting on the actual position of the flapping wing.
The multiple-shooting algorithm detects the trimmed conditions (defined as limit cycles) and assess their stability via Floquet theory.
Results of this framework will be presented, and the impact of some relevant flight parameters, such as wingbeat amplitude and tail opening, will be discussed.

M. Sc. Gianmarco Ducci, UC Louvain, Belgium




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