Robotic fish: from bio-inspiration to bio-understanding – Liang Li

Liang Li

Date(s) : 21/10/2020   iCal
14 h 00 min - 15 h 00 min

Robotic fish has drawn increasing attention in both constructions and applications. Scientists have constructed a large amount of robotic fish mimicking almost all underwater creatures, such as tuna, pike, boxfish etc. Most applications of these robotic fish are focused on how can we make an underwater vehicle endowed with a high swimming efficiency, great agility and surprising stealth. Few of them explored how can we take the robotic fish as a high fidelity physical model to help understand fish behaviour. In this talk, I will first introduce how we constructed the robotic fish, including the morphology, locomotion control, optimisations, and swarms. Following that, I will give an example to apply these robots to help understand group fish swimming behaviour. We make the robotic fish replicate the movements of the real fish or interact with the real fish to explore when and how fish make decisions. The results show that the robotic fish is one of the promising and powerful platforms to study collective fish behaviour.


Interdisciplinary online seminar series on Biolocomotion

IOSSB Seminar


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