UMI-SIMAI-PTM Joint Meeting – Wroclaw 2018


Date(s) : 17/09/2018 - 20/09/2018   iCal
0 h 00 min

Consider a Gaussian Analytic Function on the disk, that is, a random series whose coefficients are independent complex Gaussians. In joint work with Yanqi Qiu and Alexander Shamov, we show that the zero set iof a Gaussian Analyitc Function is a uniqueness set for the Bergman space on the disk: in other words, almost surely, there does not exist a nonzero square-integrable holomorphic function having these zeros. The key role in our argument is played by the determinantal structure of the zeros, and we prove, in general, that the family of reproducing kernels along a realization of a determinantal point process generates the whole ambient Hilbert space, thus settling a conjecture of Lyons and Peres.
In a sequel paper, joint with Yanqi Qiu, we study how to recover a holomorphic function from its values on our set. The talk is based on the preprints arXiv:1806.02306 and arXiv:1612.06751



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