Young Bayesians and Big Data for Social Good

Date(s) : 23/11/2018 - 26/11/2018
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dans le cadre de la Chaire Jean Morlet

Statistiques bayésiennes à l’ère du Big Data.

There is increasing international interest and engagement in the concept of ‘data and statistics for social good’, with volunteers and organisations working on issues such as human rights, migration, social justice and so on. There is commensurate international interest in Bayesian modelling and computation, particularly in the area of Big Data.

The purpose of this workshop is to build on an emerging endeavour to bring these two areas of activity together. Participants in the workshop will share research into Bayesian methods and big data for social good, as well as discuss related problems that might be addressed using Bayesian approaches. In addition to formal presentations, participants will form collaborative groups to work on new problems and present their findings at a final session on the last day of the workshop which overlaps with a more general conference on ‘Bayesian Statistics in the Big Data Era’.

The workshop will provide opportunities for early career researchers around the world who are interested in issues of social good to form lifelong international networks for their immediate and future careers. The semi-structured environment will encourage and progress new research opportunities. The anticipated outputs of the workshop include outlines of journal articles and/or chapters of a new book on this topic, as well as a starting place for practical solutions to problems posed. ​

{{Organisateurs :}}
Kerrie Mengersen (QUT Brisbane)
Denys Pommeret (I2M, Marseille)
Pierre Pudlo (I2M, Marseille)
Christian P. Robert (Université Paris-Dauphine)

{{Partenaires :}}
Ville de Marseille

Site web du workshop

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