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2018-09-17UMI-SIMAI-PTM Joint Meeting - Wroclaw 2018
2018-09-14Scientific collaboration with Pavel GUREVICH
2017-10-11participation at the Conference at the Institut Mittag-Leffler (Stockholm)
2017-02-01Dmitry ZUBOV: Les mesures finiment additives sur les foliations invariantes de diffeomorphismes hyperboliques
2017-03-17Participation at the thematic quarter (IHP)
2017-03-04Participation at the thematic quarter (IHP)
2017-02-27Conference : " Random Matrices and Determinantal Process"
2017-02-16Participation at the thematic quarter (IHP)
2017-01-22Pierre LAZAG at IHP
2017-01-25Alexander BUFETOV at IHP
2017-01-17Participation at the thematic quarter (IHP)
2016-12-09XII Brunel-Bielefeld Workshop at Brunel University London
2016-12-06Scientific Collaboration "Conditional measures of determinant processes"
2016-11-18Ergodic Theory seminar - LPMA Jussieu (Paris)
2016-11-01Seminar talk & scientific collaboration - Chebyshev Laboratory (St. Petersbourg)
2016-11-02Workshop "Analysis on p-adic fields, p-adic Fuglede problem" at Toulouse
2016-09-21Scientific collaboration with Lingmin LIAO at Paris
2016-09-20Scientific collaboration with Andrey DYMOV at Moscow
2016-10-05Fourier transform on the field of p-adic numbers, part 2
2016-09-05Random Matrices, Problem of Riemann-Hilbert, Ergodic Theory
2016-09-09Colloquium "Random Matrices" organized by A.Bufetov and P.Haissinsky
2016-09-02Scientific collaboration at Jussieu, Paris
2016-08-03Lecture at Northern Federal Lomonosov University (video)
2016-06-27Research in Pairs at Abbaye de Lérins
2016-06-21Award Ceremony - Sofia Kovalevskaya Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences 2015
2016-05-302nd Russo-Indian Joint Conference in Statistics and Probability (May 30 - June 3, 2016) at St Petersburg
2016-05-14Thematic Programme: Mixing Flows and Averaging Methods
2016-05-23Seminar on Complex Analysis (Gonchar Seminar) at Moscow
2016-05-05Workshop "Ergodic Theory" (ERC IChaos/AMIDEX), Carry-le-Rouet
2016-05-02Invited speaker: Alexander BUFETOV at Lille
2016-04-09Invited Speaker: Alexander BUFETOV at Rome
2016-04-01Invited speaker: Alexander BUFETOV at Pisa
2016-02-28Scientific collaboration with A. BUFETOV
2016-03-24Invited Speaker: Alexander BUFETOV at Jussieu, Paris
2016-03-08Scientific collaboration with A. BUFETOV in connection with the task 4 of the project
2016-03-15Celebrating 100th anniversary of Institut Mittag-Leffler
2016-03-07Ergodic theory seminar at IRMAR (Rennes)
2016-03-04Determinantal Point Processes
2016-02-26Scientific collaboration at IHP
2016-02-03Scientific collaboration at Faculty of Mathematics (Moscow)
2016-02-19Seminar of Chebyshev Laboratory on Probability Theory
2016-02-19Quasi-Symmetries of Determinantal Point Processes
2016-02-04Bratteli diagrams, locally semisimple algebras: de Finetti's theorem, Young graph, random walks on graded graphs
2016-01-24Research in Pairs at CIRM
2016-02-01A general approach to Schramm-Löwner Evolution and its coupling to Conformal Field Theory
2016-01-26Fuglede's conjecture in Q_p
2016-01-25Generalized Strong Laws of Large Numbers for Intermediately Trimmed Sums for Non-negative Stationary Processes
2016-01-16Scientific Collaboration at IHP (Paris)
2016-01-22Determinantal point processes
2016-01-08Determinantal point processes


Conferences ERC-IChaos 2016-2018

NB: date format: yyyy / mm / dd).

Type Title Organi-
Location Start
Summer School School on Algebraic, Geometric and Probabilistic Aspect of Dynamical Systems and Control Theory HSE (Moscou)
I2M (Marseille)
ICTP (Trieste)
ISAS (Trieste)
Penn State (USA)
USP (Sao Paulo)
ICTP, Trieste, Italy 2016
ICTP Trieste
_ photos
Workshop Ergodic Theory I2M,
Carry-Le-Rouet, France 2016
ERC Thematic week Random Matrices and Determinantal Process I2M,
CIRM Luminy, France 2017
Workshop Quasi-symmetries for Pfaffian point processes I2M,
CIRM Luminy, France 2017
Workshop The Chaotic properties of the point processes I2M,
CIRM Luminy, France 2017
Workshop Working group on point processes and related topics I2M,
IESC Cargèse, France 2018
Conference From Order to Chaos I2M,
CRM Ennio De Giorgi Pise, Italie 2018
Workshop Spectral properties of parabolic flows I2M,
CIRM Luminy, France 2018

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