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An Igusa CM invariant is specified by a sequence of three polynomials [ H1(x), G2(x)/N2, G3(x)/N3], such that H1(x), G2(x), and G3(x) are in Z[x],

H1(i1) = 0, i2 = G2(i1)/N1N2, i3 = G3(i1)/N1N3,
where N1 = H1'(i1), and N2 and N3 are integers, and
i1 = I4I6/I10, i2 = I23I4/I10, i3 = I22I6/I10,

in terms of the Igusa-Clebsch invariants [ I2, I4, I6, I10 ].

Degree: [Non-normal] [Cyclic]


Degree 5203 Igusa CM invariants of cyclic (C4) fields: 0