International Workshop on

'Multiscale methods for fluid and plasma turbulence :

  applications to magnetically confined plasmas in fusion devices',

               CIRM (Centre International de Rencontres Mathematiques),

Marseille, April 21st to 25th 2008


The aim of the meeting is to bring together applied mathematicians working in the field of

numerical analysis and scientific computing, plasma phycicists working on magnetically

 confined plasmas and fluid mechanicians working on fluid turbulence. The state of the art in

the field of numerical simulation of plasma and fluid turbulence will be reviewed and new

 promizing approaches based on multiscale decompositions will be presented.

 Numerical methods for Navier-Stokes and Maxwell equations will be discussed as well

 as kinetic models based on Vlasov and Boltzmann equations using particle or hybrid

 particle methods. The interdisciplinarity of the participants will yield synergetic effects

 and fruitful discussions between the different communities.



The attendance is limited to 70 persons and the list of preliminary  speakers is given

in the program and the poster. If you are interested to participate,

please send an email, explaining why you would like to come and proposing a

title and abstract of the topics you would like to present, to both :


Kai Schneider <>
Marie Farge <>




Program (April 18th, 2008)


Book of abstracts