"Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods"
26th of november 2014


This workshop aims at presenting the use of Monte Carlo methods in various domains such as maching learning, signal/image processing, statistics ...


Registration is free but mandatory. Please fill the form here.


FRUMAM/FRIIAM (2nd floor)
Aix-Marseille Université
3, place Victor Hugo -MARSEILLE Cedex 03


The program is now available.

In short:
9h30-10h00 Welcome
10h00-11h00 Eric Moulines
11h00-11h40 Heiko Strathmann
11h40-11h50 Coffee break
11h50-12h30 Adeline Leclercq Samson
12h30-13h45 Lunch break (on site)(registration mandatory)
13h45-14h45 Olivier Teytaud
14h45-15h25 Said Moussaoui
15h25-15h50 Coffee break
15h50-16h30 Pierre Alquier

Confirmed speakers

Pierre Alquier, ENSAE, Malakoff.
Adeline Leclercq Samson, LJK, Grenoble.
Eric Moulines, Télécom ParisTech, Paris.
Said Moussaoui, irccyn, Nantes.
Heiko Strathmann, UCL, UK.
Olivier Teytaud, INRIA, Saclay.