Combinatorics on Words Seminar

Évènements à venir / Upcoming talks

2022-12-19 Jason BellCombinatorics on Words Seminar - Jason Bell
2023-01-09 Pamela FleischmannCombinatorics on Words Seminar - Pamela Fleischmann


Nature Séminaire virtuel international / International Virtual Seminar
Responsables Anna E. Frid, Aix-Marseille Université,
Narad Rampersad, University of Winnipeg,
Jeffrey O. Shallit, University of Waterloo,
Manon Stipulanti, Université de Liège.
Fréquence Bimensuel (depuis le 29/06/2020)
Jour-Horaire Lundi, 15h-16h (heure de Paris)

If you are interested in giving a talk, you are welcome to contact Narad Rampersad and Manon Stipulanti.

The address of the Zoom meeting is . The password is distributed in announcements. If you want to receive them, or receive them and want to unsubscribe, please write to Anna Frid.

All recorded talks are also available here.

Évènements passés / Past talks (Only from 2022)

2022-12-05Josef RukavickaPalindromic factorization of rich words
2022-11-21Sebastián BarbieriIndistinguishable asymptotic pairs
2022-11-07Daniel Krennq-recursive sequences and their asymptotic analysis
2022-10-24Natalie BehagueSynchronizing times for k-sets in automata
2022-10-17Giuseppe RomanaString attractor: a combinatorial object from data compression
2022-10-03Robbert FokkinkA few words on games
2022-09-19Shuo LiOn the number of squares in a finite word
2022-07-11Zachary ChaseThe separating words, k-deck, and trace reconstruction problems
2022-06-27Pierre PopoliMaximum order complexity for some automatic and morphic sequences along polynomial values


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