PHD students

  • R. Cautrès. September 1998- January 2004. Co-adviser R. Herbin. « Finite volume discretisation and domain decomposition methods for convection-diffusion problems ».. Retired.
  • S. Krell. September 2007 - September 2010. Co_adviser F. Boyer. « Finitie volume schemes in complex fluid mecanics ». Now assistant professor at Nice university, FRANCE.
  • F. Verga. September 2007 - November 2010. Co-advisers D. Barbolosi and A. Benabdallah. «Mathematical modeling to optimize chemotherapy treatments ».. Funding from INCA. Project ANR MEMOREX-PK. Now high school teacher in FRANCE.
  • S. Benzekry. September 2008 - November 2011. Co-advisers D. Barbolosi and A. Benabdallah. «Modeling, mathematical and numerical analysis for anti_cancer treatments ». Fundings from ENS Cachan. Project ANR MEMOREX-PK. Now Inria Scientific Researcher in Bordeaux, FRANCE.
  • N. Hartung. September 2011 -December 2014. Co-advisor G. Chapuisat. « Mathematical modeling of the metastatic process and in vitro imagery ». Project ANR MEMOREX-PK. Now associate professor at Postdam University, GERMANY.
  • A. Barlukova. October 2013- March 2017. Co-adviser S. Honoré. « Dynamical instabilities of microtubules and impact of the microtubule targeting drugs ». Fundings from LABEX ARCHIMEDE. Projects AMIDEX and INSERM PharMathTubules. Now Consultant RPA at Humans4help.
  • R. Tesson. September 14-December 2017 Co-adviser S. Honoré. « Modeling the impact of microtubules on cell migration ». Fundings from ENS Rennes. Projects AMIDEX and INSERM PharMathTubules. Nowassistant professor at ENS Paris Saclay.

Post-doct students

  • Diana White 2015-2016. « Modeling the impact of EB proteins on microtubule targeting chemotherapies ». Projects AMIDEX and INSERM PharMathTubules. Now assistant professor at Clarkson university, USA.
  • Emilie Denicolai 2017. « Analyse of microtubule dynamical instabilities thanks to tracking ICY, Utrack softwares ». Project INSERM PharMathTubules.
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