"Mathématiques du Deep Learning"
30 novembre 2018


The workshop will take place on the campus of Aix-Marseille Universite, near the main station "Saint Charles" of Marseille (5 mn walking).
In the morning, the conference will take place in the Grand Amphithéâtre. Then, we will take the lunch at FRUMAM. Finally, in the afternoon, we will join room LSH 204 located in espace Yves Mathieu.
Please, look at the campus map here.

From the station

To get there from the station, follow the shopping alley inside the station and go down the stairs at the end. In front of you will appear Aix-Marseille-Universite buildings. Enter the campus. Make a right in direction of the alley of trees, between the two rows of old buildings, and at the end on the left will be the stairway to FRUMAM (second floor).