Caroline • Chaux-Moulin
Chargée de Recherche (CR) • Affiliation : Centre National Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Site : Château-Gombert (CMI) • Bureau : R 123 • Etage du bureau : 1 •

ALEA-SI (équipe Signal et Image)

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    Sparsity Convex optimization Wavelets Adaptive filters Wavelet transforms Missing data MCMC

Thématiques scientifiques :
  • Signal and image processing
  • Signal and image processing
  • Signal and image processing

Publications HAL

2021/01 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing - Time-Frequency Fading Algorithms Based on Gabor Multipliers

2020/12 - Unmixing 2D HSQC NMR mixtures with β-NMF and sparsity

2020/12 Computational Statistics and Data Analysis - An adapted linear discriminant analysis for the classification in high-dimension, and an application to medical data


2020/05 - Filtering out time-frequency areas using Gabor multipliers

2019/12 - Decomposition of large nonnegative tensors using memetic algorithms with application to environmental data analysis

2019/08 - Régularisation mixte et parcimonie pour la séparation aveugle de sources en spectroscopie RMN 2D

2019/07 - NMF-based sparse unmixing of complex mixtures

2019/05 - Challenges in the decomposition of 2D NMR spectra of mixtures of small molecules

2019/05 Faraday Discussions - Challenges in the decomposition of 2D NMR spectra of mixtures of small molecules

2018/11 - Phase inpainting in time-frequency plane

2018/07 - Phase reconstruction for time-frequency inpainting

2018/06 - Characterization of finite signals with low-rank STFT

2018/04 - Being low-rank in the time-frequency plane

2017/09 - De la faiblesse de rang en temps-fréquence

2017/04 Journal of Chemometrics - A new penalized nonnegative third order tensor decomposition using a block coordinate proximal gradient approach: application to 3D fluorescence spectroscopy

2017/01 - A Block Parallel Majorize-Minimize Memory Gradient Algorithm

2016/11 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing - A hamiltonian Monte Carlo method for non-smooth energy sampling

2016/03 - A Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Method for Non-Smooth Energy Sampling

2015/09 - Sparse adaptive template matching and filtering for 2D seismic images with dual-tree wavelets and proximal methods

2015/09 - Approche variationnelle pour la déconvolution rapide de données 3D en microscopie biphotonique

2015/08 - Sparse signal recovery using a Bernoulli generalized Gaussian prior

2015/01 IEEE Signal Processing Letters - A new stochastic optimization algorithm to decompose large nonnegative tensors

2014/10 - Iterative Poisson-Gaussian Noise Parametric Estimation for Blind Image Denoising

2014/09 - Study Of Different Strategies For The Canonical Polyadic Decomposition Of Nonnegative Third Order Tensors With Application To The Separation Of Spectra In 3D Fluorescence Spectroscopy

2014/05 - A constrained-based optimization approach for seismic data recovery problems

2014/01 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing - An EM Approach for Time-Variant Poisson-Gaussian Model Parameter Estimation

2014/01 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing - A Primal-Dual Proximal Algorithm for Sparse Template-Based Adaptive Filtering: Application to Seismic Multiple Removal

2013/09 - Filtrage de multiples sismiques par ondelettes et optimisation convexe

2013/07 - A Convex Optimization Approach for Image Resolution Enhancement from Compressed Representations

2013/05 - ML estimation of wavelet regularization hyperparameters in inverse problems

2013/05 - Seismic multiple removal with a Primal-Dual proximal algorithm

2013/01 Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision - A parallel proximal splitting method for disparity estimation from multicomponent images under illumination variation

2012/08 - A convex variational approach for multiple removal in seismic data

2012/08 - Procédé de traitement de réflexions multiples

2012/05 - Poisson-Gaussian noise parameter estimation in fluorescence microscopy imaging

2012/02 - Wavelet-based hyperparameter estimation for solving inverse problems

2012/01 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing - Relaxing Tight Frame Condition in Parallel Proximal Methods for Signal Restoration

2011/10 - Parallel ProXimal Algorithm for Image Restoration Using Hybrid Regularization -- Extended version

2011/10 - Disparity map estimation under convex constraints using proximal algorithms

2011/09 - Méthodes proximales pour l'estimation du champ de disparité à partir d'une paire d'images stéréoscopiques en présence de variations d'illumination

2011/09 - Bancs de filtres et méthodes proximales pour la restauration d'images

2011/09 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing - Parallel ProXimal Algorithm for image restoration using hybrid regularization

2011/08 - An EM approach for Poisson-Gaussian noise modeling

2011/03 - Image reconstruction from multiple sensors using Stein's principle. Application to parallel MRI

2011/01 Traitement du Signal - OPTIMED : Optimisation itérative pour la résolution de problèmes inverses de grande taille

2011/01 Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision - A spatial regularization approach for vector quantization

2011/01 Signal Processing - A panorama on multiscale geometric representations, intertwining spatial, directional and frequency selectivity

2010/10 - Parallel Algorithm and Hybrid Regularization for Dynamic PET Reconstruction

2010/09 - Image quantization under spatial smoothness constraints

2010/08 - Proximal methods for image restoration using a class of non-tight frame representations

2010/01 - Chapitre 7 - Wavelet transform for the denoising of multivariate images

2010/01 Journal of the Optical Society of America. A Optics, Image Science, and Vision - Satellite image restoration in the context of a spatially varying point spread function

2009/12 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing - A SURE Approach for Digital Signal/Image Deconvolution Problems

2009/09 - Estimation d'hyperparamètres pour la résolution de problèmes inverses à l'aide d'ondelettes

2009/09 - Adapted Convex Optimization Algorithm for Wavelet-Based Dynamic PET Reconstruction

2009/09 - Extension des algorithmes imbriqués pour la résolution de problèmes d'optimisation convexe en imagerie

2009/08 - Solving inverse problems with overcomplete transforms and convex optimization techniques

2009/08 - Hybrid regularization for data restoration in the presence of Poisson noise

2009/06 SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences - Nested iterative algorithms for convex constrained image recovery problems

2009/04 - A wavelet-based quadratic extension method for image deconvolution in the presence of Poisson noise

2008/11 - Image Denoising in the Wavelet Transform Domain Based on Stein's Principle

2008/08 - A constrained forward-backward algorithm for image recovery problems

2008/01 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing - A nonlinear Stein based estimator for multichannel image denoising

2007/12 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory - Noise Covariance Properties in Dual-Tree Wavelet Decompositions

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2007/06 Inverse Problems - A variational formulation for frame based inverse problems

2007/04 - 2D dual-tree complex biorthogonal M-band wavelet transform

2006/12 - Analyse en ondelettes M-bandes en arbre dual; application à la restauration d'images

2006/09 - Iterative image deconvolution using overcomplete representations

2006/05 - A new estimator for image denoising using a 2D dual-tree M-band wavelet decomposition

2006/03 - Use of Stein's principle for multichannel image denoising

2006/01 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing - Image analysis using a dual-tree M-band wavelet transform

2006/01 - $M$-band filter banks and dual-tree wavelets for engine combustion and geophysical image analysis

2005/11 - A forward-backward algorithm for image restoration with sparse representations

2005/09 - Etude du bruit dans une analyse $M$-bandes en arbre dual

2005/08 - A block-thresholding method for multispectral image denoising

2005/06 - Seismic data analysis and filtering with dual-tree M-band wavelets

2005/06 - Seismic data analysis with a dual-tree $M$-band wavelet transform

2005/03 - 2D dual-tree M-band wavelet decomposition

2004/12 International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution, and Information Processing - Lapped transforms and hidden Markov models for seismic data filtering

2004/09 - Hilbert pairs of M-band orthonormal wavelet bases

2003/09 - Seismic data filtering with lapped transforms and hidden Markov models

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