Jean-Marc • Freyermuth
Maître de Conférences (MCF H) • Affiliation : Aix-Marseille Université (AMU)
Site : Saint-Charles • Bureau : CO-02 • Etage du bureau : 1 (bât. 8) •

ALEA-STA (équipe Statistique)

Groupe(s) scientifiques(s) de l'utilisateur :
Thématiques scientifiques :
  • Statistique
  • Traitement des signaux et des images

Publications HAL

2023/02 - Bayesian approach to infer the duration of antibody seropositivity and neutralizing responses to SARS-CoV-2

2023/01 Electronic Journal of Statistics - Spectrum inference for replicated spatial locally time-harmonizable time series

2019/05 - (dual-frequency)-dependent dynamic functional connectivity analysis of visual working memory capacity

2019/03 Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis - Minimax optimal procedures for testing the structure of multidimensional functions

2019/01 Mathematical Methods of Statistics - Maxiset Point of View for Signal Detection in Inverse Problems

2018/09 Signal, Image and Video Processing - Ultrasound spatiotemporal despeckling via Kronecker wavelet-Fisz thresholding

2017/03 IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging - Hyperbolic Wavelet-Fisz denoising for a model arising in Ultrasound Imaging

2015/01 Electronic Journal of Statistics - Asymptotic performance of projection estimators in standard and hyperbolic wavelet bases

2014/03 Scandinavian Journal of Statistics - Block-threshold-adapted Estimators via a Maxiset Approach

2011/01 Electronic Journal of Statistics - Ideal denoising within a family of tree-structured wavelet estimators

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