Sandrine • Anthoine
Chargée de Recherche (CR) • Affiliation : Centre National Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Site : Château-Gombert (CMI) • Bureau : R116 • Etage du bureau : 1 •


Groupe(s) scientifiques(s) de l'utilisateur :
Thématiques scientifiques :
  • Traitement des signaux et des images

Publications HAL

2021/01 IEEE Trans.Rad.Plasma Med.Sci. - ProMeSCT: A Proximal Metric Algorithm for Spectral CT

2020/12 - Unmixing 2D HSQC NMR mixtures with β-NMF and sparsity


2019/11 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory - Recovery and convergence rate of the Frank-Wolfe Algorithm for the m-EXACT-SPARSE Problem

2019/05 - Challenges in the decomposition of 2D NMR spectra of mixtures of small molecules

2019/05 Faraday Discussions - Challenges in the decomposition of 2D NMR spectra of mixtures of small molecules

2018/11 - Frank-Wolfe Algorithm for the Exact Sparse Problem

2018/11 Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis - Generalized Greedy Alternatives

2018/05 - Simultaneous reconstruction and separation in a spectral CT framework with a proximal variable metric algorithm

2015/09 - Approche variationnelle pour la déconvolution rapide de données 3D en microscopie biphotonique

2014/10 - Generalized Subspace Pursuit and an application to sparse Poisson denoising

2013/11 - Empirical Bernstein Inequality for Martingales : Application to Online Learning

2013/09 - A greedy approach to sparse poisson denoising

2012/12 - Optimal Computational Trade-Off of Inexact Proximal Methods (short version)

2012/11 Inverse Problems and Imaging - Some proximal methods for Poisson intensity CBCT and PET

2012/10 - Optimal Computational Trade-Off of Inexact Proximal Methods

2012/08 - Matching Pursuit With Stochastic Selection

2012/04 - Proximal Algorithms and CT: New Results on 3D Real Datas and Color CT

2011/12 - Accelerating ISTA with an active set strategy

2011/09 - On the efficiency of proximal methods for CBCT and PET

2011/06 - Stochastic Low-Rank Kernel Learning for Regression

2011/01 - Modèles de mélange de Gaussiennes temps-fréquence pour le débruitage de signaux

2010/12 - Empirical Bernstein Inequalities for U-Statistics

2010/06 - Scalable Indexing of HD Video

2009/09 Multimedia Tools and Applications - Combining spatial and temporal patches for scalable video indexing

2009/06 - Scalable spatio-temporal video indexing using sparse multiscale patches

2009/04 - Method for measuring the dissimilarity between a first and a second images and a first and second video sequences

2009/01 - Sparse Multiscale Patches (SMP) for Image Categorization

2008/11 - Sparse Multiscale Pacthes for Image Processing

2008/08 - Regularization of inverse problems with adaptive discrepancy terms: application to multispectral data

2008/06 - Image Retrieval via Kullback-Leibler Divergence of Patches of Multiscale Coefficients in the KNN Framework

2008/05 - Using Neighborhood Distributions of Wavelet Coefficients for On-the-Fly, Multiscale-Based Image Retrieval

2007/09 - Mesures de similarité entre images dans le cadre des problèmes inverses

2007/06 - On the convergence of iterative shrinkage algorithms with adaptive discrepancy terms

2005/08 - Plusieurs approches en ondelettes pour la séparation et déconvolection de composantes. Application à des données astrophysiques.

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