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2021-04-19 RESEARCH IN PAIRS GDACTropical Representations of Monoids and Matroids - CANCELLED
2021-05-24 CONFERENCE AGLR-RGRRelative Aspects of the Langlands Program, L-Functions and Beyond Endoscopy
2021-05-31 WORKSHOP AGT/GDACO-minimality and foliations
2021-05-31 CONFERENCE AGLR-ATIArithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory (AGC2T-18)
2021-06-07 RESEARCH IN PAIRS AAGyrokinetic Models : Analysis and Computation (Chaire Morlet-Shi Jin)
2021-06-14 WORKSHOP AANumerical Methods for Kinetic Equations 'NumKin21' (Chaire Morlet-Shi Jin)
2021-07-05 RESEARCH IN PAIRS GDACConvex Real Projective Structures
2021-07-05 WORKSHOP GDACLipschitz Geometry: New Methods and Applications (Chaire Morlet-Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-07-12 RESEARCH IN PAIRS GDACNon-Archimedean Methods in Lipschitz Geometry (Chaire Morlet-Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-08-30 RESEARCH IN PAIRSGeneralised coupling conditions for arbitrary flow directions at the fluid--porous interface
2021-08-30 ECOLE ALEA-SI4th Summer School of the Institute for Language, Communication and the Brain
2021-09-06 RESEARCH SCHOOL GDACMilnor Fibrations, Degenerations and Deformations from Modern Perspectives (Chaire Morlet-Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-09-13 RESEARCH IN PAIRS GDACFloer and Symplectic Homology and Contact Loci in Arc Spaces (Chaire Morlet-Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-09-20 CONFERENCE GDACAdvancing Bridges in Complex Dynamics
2021-10-25 WORKSHOP GDACLes Cigales 2021, une semaine autour des mathématiques
2021-11-04 WORKSHOP AANumerical Analysis of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (NASPDE)
2021-11-22 CONFERENCE GDACFaces of Singularity Theory (Chaire Morlet-Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-12-13 CONFERENCE ALEA-STAMeeting in Mathematical Statistics

Past events

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2021-04-12CONFERENCE ALEA-PROBARecent Progress on Random Walks
2021-04-05RESEARCH IN PAIRSGeneralised coupling conditions for arbitrary flow directions at the fluid-porous interface - CANCELLED
2021-04-08Forum AGLR-ATIForum AMUSEC 2021
2021-03-22CONFERENCE AAKinetic Equations: From Modeling Computation to Analysis (Chaire Morlet-Shi Jin)
2021-03-08RESEARCH IN PAIRS AAMean-field Limit and Computation in Kinetic Theory (Chaire Morlet-Shi Jin) - POSTPONED
2021-02-01MOIS THEMATIQUE - ALEA-SITHEMATIC MONTH : Mathematics for Signals, Images and Structured Data - CANCELLED
2021-02-08RESEARCH IN PAIRS GDACMultiplicativity and Randomness (Chaire Morlet-Tichy)
2021-02-08WORKSHOPHomological and quantum invariants
2021-02-04WorkshopDiscrepancy Theory and Applications Part 2 (Chaire Morlet-Tichy)
2021-01-25RESEARCH SCHOOL ALEAMathematics, Signal Processing and Learning (SigLearn 2021)
2021-01-29WORKSHOPMaster Class: Applied Mathematics CEPS
2021-01-18RESEARCH SCHOOL AAScaling Limits from Microscopic to Macroscopic Physics (Chaire Morlet-Shi Jin)


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2020-12-21CONFERENCE GDACSt.Petersburg Youth Conference on Probability and Mathematical Physics
2020-11-30WORKSHOP GDACDiscrepancy Theory and Applications Part 1 (Chaire Morlet-Tichy)
2020-11-23CONFERENCE GDACDiophantine Problems, Determinism and Randomness (Chaire Morlet-Tichy)
2020-11-23WORKSHOP AAHomological and quantum invariants (CANCELLED)
2020-11-09WORKSHOP AAStudy of relativistic quantum systems (cancelled)
2020-11-09WORKSHOP AGTAnnual Conference of the GDR AFHP
2020-11-02RESEARCH SCHOOL GDACQuasi-Monte Carlo Methods and Applications (Chaire Morlet-Tichy)
2020-10-26WORKSHOP GDACTiling, Recurrence and Number Theory
2020-10-19WORKSHOP GDACLes Cigales 2020, une semaine autour des mathématiques
2020-09-28Workshop sur les liens entre trisections et topologie symplectique et sur les quadrisections des variétés de dimension 5
2020-09-14RESEARCH IN PAIRS GDACFourier-Eigenfunctions and Modular Forms (Chaire Morlet-Tichy)
2020-09-07Workshop - Random Interlacements and Folding
2020-08-313rd Summer School of the Institute for Language, Communication and the Brain
2020-07-20Summer School - Models and Numerical Methods for Particle and Population Dynamics (cancelled)
2020-01-01MORLET 2020-1 - Foliation Theory and Complex Geometry (Jorge Vitório PEREIRA)
2020-07-13Building Bridges 5th - EU/US Workshop on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics (BB5)
2020-07-06Building Bridges 5th - EU/US Summer School on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics (BB5)
2020-07-06Euro-Maghreb Workshop on Evolution Equations and Applications (Cancelled)
2020-06-12Gabriel PEYRÉ - Colloquium de Mathématiques de Marseille (TBA)
2020-05-18RESEARCH SCHOOL AGTGeometry and Dynamics of Foliations (Chaire Morlet-Pereira)
2020-05-19Journées d'Analyse Appliquée Nice-Toulon-Marseille
2020-05-15Nikolay TZVETKOV - Colloquium de Mathématiques de Marseille (TBA)
2020-05-11YACCRYPTED 2020 - International Conference on Cryptography
2020-04-06WORKSHOP AGTVarieties with Trivial Canonical Class (Chaire Morlet-Pereira)
2020-03-25Séminaire Méditerranéen de Géométrie Algébrique 6 (SMGA6)
2020-03-20Stéphane LAMY - Signature(s) des groupes de Cremona
2020-03-13Yuri MatiyasevichTitre à préciser - Yuri Matiyasevich
2020-03-02Thematic Month - Research School - Networks and molecular biology
2020-02-03MOIS THÉMATIQUE 2020 - Mathematical Issues in Biology
2020-02-24Thematic Month - Conference - Mathematics of Complex Systems in Biology and Medicine
2020-02-17Thematic Month - Conference - Mathematical Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Infectious Disease Outbreaks
2020-02-14Jean CLAIRAMBAULT - Une vision évolutive du cancer, avec des perspectives thérapeutiques prenant en compte la résistance aux médicaments
2020-02-03RIP - Generalized Arnoux-Rauzy Induction and Fully-Flipped Interval Exchange Transformations
2020-02-03Thematic Month - Research School - PDE and Probability for Biology
2020-02-07Journée du Groupe ALEA
2020-01-22WorkshopDynamics of Punctual Processes
2020-01-31Master Class: Applied Mathematics CEPS: Mathematics for environment and physics
2020-01-28Journée thématique sur les Équations Cinétiques (AA)
2020-01-13Conference Spectra, Algorithms and Random Walks on Random Networks
2020-01-17Nikhil SRIVASTAVA - Quantitative diagonalizability
2020-01-10Journée bi-annuelle de l’équipe Probabilités
2020-01-10Journée bi-annuelle de l’équipe Probabilités


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