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2023-02-27ConferenceCOUNT 2023 - COmputations and their Uses in Number Theory
2022-07-11ConferencePinT 2022: 11th Conference on Parallel-in-Time Integration (Morlet Chair - Martin Gander)
2022-05-09ConferenceNonlinear PDEs in fluid dynamics (Morlet Chair - Matthias Hieber)
2021-11-22ConferenceFaces of Singularity Theory (Morlet Chair - Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-03-22ConferenceKinetic Equations: From Modeling Computation to Analysis (Morlet Chair - Shi Jin)
2020-11-23ConferenceDiophantine Problems, Determinism and Randomness (Morlet Chair - Robert Tichy)
2019-12-09ConferenceThermodynamic Formalism: Dynamical Systems, Statistical Properties and their Applications (Morlet Chair - Mark Pollicott)
2019-04-08ConferenceIntegrability and Randomness in Mathematical Physics and Geometry (Morlet Chair - Tamara Grava)
2018-11-26ConferenceBayesian Statistics in the Big Data Era (Morlet Chair Kerrie Mengersen)
2018-02-26ConferenceStructure of 3-manifold groups (Morlet Chair Genevieve Walsh)
2017-12-04ConferenceTilings and Recurrence (Morlet Chair Shigeki Akiyama)
2016-12-12ConferenceErgodic Theory and its Connections with Arithmetic and Combinatorics (Morlet Chair Mariusz Lemanczyk)
2016-05-23ConferenceRelative Trace Formula, Periods, L-Functions and Harmonic Analysis (Morlet Chair - Dipendra Prasad)
2015-06-01ConferenceModuli Spaces in Symplectic Topology and in Gauge Theory (Morlet Chair - François Lalonde)
2015-03-23ConferenceArtin Approximation and Infinite Dimensional Geometry (Morlet Chair - Herwig Hauser)
2014-10-27ConferenceFunction Spaces and Harmonic Analysis (Morlet Chair - Hans-Georg Feichtinger)
2014-02-03ConferenceUnlikely Intersections (Thematic Month 2014, Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)

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