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2022-12-05PairsDiscrete Fracture Networks (Morlet Chair - Martin Gander)
2022-10-23PairsOptimized Discrete Schwarz Methods for Anisotropic Elliptic Problems (Morlet Chair - Martin Gander)
2022-02-21PairsKeller-Segel fluid systems on non-smooth domains (Morlet Chair - Matthias Hieber)
2021-10-25PairsNon-Archimedean Methods in Lipschitz Geometry 2 (Morlet Chair -Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-09-13PairsFloer and Symplectic Homology and Contact Loci in Arc Spaces (Morlet Chair - Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-06-28PairsNon-Archimedean Methods in Lipschitz Geometry 1 (Morlet Chair -Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-06-07PairsGyrokinetic Models : Analysis and Computation (Morlet Chair - Shi Jin) CANCELLED
2021-03-08PairsMean-field Limit and Computation in Kinetic Theory (Morlet Chair - Shi Jin) - POSTPONED
2021-02-04PairsMultiplicativity and Randomness part 2 (Morlet Chair - Robert Tichy)
2020-09-14PairsFourier-Eigenfunctions and Modular Forms (Morlet Chair - Robert Tichy)
2019-06-10PairsIntegrable Equation with Random Initial Data (Morlet Chair - Tamara Grava)
2019-05-06PairsIntegrable Turbulence (Morlet Chair - Tamara Grava)
2018-03-12PairsNon-Planar Actions of Groups and Relatively Hyperbolic Poincaré Duality Groups (Morlet Chair Genevieve Walsh)
2018-02-12PairsAcute Triangulations and Lassos (Morlet Chair Genevieve Walsh)
2018-02-05PairsTree Shifts, Quasi-Similarity and their Applications (Morlet Chair Shigeki Akiyama)
2017-10-23PairsBernoulli Convolutions and Salem Numbers (Morlet Chair Shigeki Akiyama)
2016-10-23PairsOn the Stability of Möbius Disjointness in Topological Models (Morlet Chair Mariusz Lemanczyk)
2016-09-25PairsDynamical Properties of Systems Determined by Free Points in Lattices (Morlet Chair Mariusz Lemanczyk)
2016-06-27PairsDecomposition ergodic for p-adic groups at Abbaye de Lérins
2016-06-13PairsEndoscopy and Gan-Gross-Prasad Conjectures (Morlet Chair - Dipendra Prasad)
2016-03-14PairsDistinction of Representations using Buildings for p-adic Groups (Morlet Chair - Dipendra Prasad)
2015-06-29PairsGauge Theory and Complex Geometry (Morlet Chair - François Lalonde)
2015-06-22PairsModuli Space of Symplectic Balls in 4-Manifolds and Packing (Morlet Chair - François Lalonde)
2015-05-25PairsAlgebraic Power Series (Morlet Chair - Herwig Hauser)
2014-08-25PairsCoorbit Theory and Generalizations - Banach Frames (Morlet Chair - Hans-Georg Feichtinger)
2014-07-07PairsSato-Tate Distributions in Families of Elliptic Curves with Parameters of Arithmetic (Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-05-19PairsHilbert Geometries (Morlet Chair - Boris Hasselblatt)
2014-05-19PairsComplex Multiplication and Application to Pairings (Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-05-05PairsMoments of Theta and L-Functions (Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-04-14PairsPeriodic Orbits of Contact Anosov Flows on Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds (Morlet Chair - Boris Hasselblatt)
2014-03-24PairsHyperbolic and Parabolic Dynamics (Morlet Chair - Boris Hasselblatt)
2014-03-03PairsWeak Contact Flows and Transverse Rigidity (Morlet Chair - Boris Hasselblatt)

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