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Exponential inequalities in probability spaces revisited

Ceremade, Université Paris Dauphine

Date(s) : 18/06/2024   iCal
14h30 - 15h30

Abstract: In this talk, we revisit several results on exponential integrability in probability spaces and derive some new ones. In particular, we give a quantitative form of recent results by Cianchi, Musil, and Pick in the framework of Moser-Trudinger-type inequalities, and recover Ivanisvili-Russell’s inequality for the Gaussian measure. One key ingredient is the use of a dual argument, which is new in this context, that we also implement in the discrete setting of the Poisson measure on integers. This is a joint work with Ali Barki, Sergey Bobkov, and Cyril Roberto.

Salle de séminaire de l'I2M à St Charles


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