Emmanuel Beffara


I’m a happy user of Git and most of the things I develop are managed with it. I host my creations on Framagit, which is hosted by Framasoft, unless I have a reason not to.


This is a wrapper for LaTeX and companion programs. It can perform dependency analysis over sources, convert graphics into appropriate formats, process bibliographies and indexes, and compile the documents the right number of times to resolve references, playing the role of a LaTeX-aware “make” program. I created it and maintained it for a long time but I have mostly stopped working on it, handing it to other people.


This is a very small font that contains some symbols useful in Linear Logic and that I didn’t find elsewhere. Available in standard TeX distributions.
French Cursive
This is a family of cursive fonts in the style of the French academic running-hand (though it contains many accented letters that are not used in French). It is declined in several variants.

LaTeX packages

Provides commands to typeset proof trees in the style of sequent calculus and related systems.
Replaces the standard presentation of theorem environments with a more fancy one, putting rules around the text.
Small packages that I maintain mostly for my personal use but may be useful to other people. This includes ebutf8.sty (enables UTF8 input independently of the TeX engine), paranum.sty (provides numbered paragraphs as in old-style books), ebmath.sty (defines various math constructs that I often need), exo.sty (provides format for exercises and answers).


A shell script that reformats a document for booklet printing, using the classic pstops and psbook tools from PSUtils, but also cropping the margins.
A Python script that attempts to do like livre.sh but directly on PDF using Poppler and Cairo.

Web applications

The following are applications for the Django web framework, you can see them in action on the Chocola web site.

An application to manage the schedule of a conference or regular seminar, organized as events/talks/sessions.
A small application to handle database-independent backups on Django sites.


A plugin for the Vim text editor that provides an IDE for developping proofs with the Coq proof assistant.