Glenn • MERLET
Maître de Conférences (MCF H) • Affiliation : Aix-Marseille Université (AMU)
Site : Luminy • Bureau : 213 • Etage du bureau : 2 •


Groupe(s) scientifiques(s) de l'utilisateur :
Thématiques scientifiques :
  • Informatique théorique, calculabilité
  • Mathématiques discrètes
  • Probabilités
  • Systèmes dynamiques géométriques
  • Systèmes dynamiques symboliques

Publications HAL

2021/02 Linear and Multilinear Algebra - On the Tightness of Bounds for Transients and Weak CSR Expansions in Max-Plus Algebra

2021/02 Linear Algebra and its Applications - New bounds on the periodicity transient of the powers of a tropical matrix: Using cyclicity and factor rank

2019/05 - Semigroup identities of tropical matrices through matrix ranks

2017/08 - Comparison of max-plus automata and joint spectral radius of tropical matrices

2015/09 Journal of Algebra - The ultimate rank of tropical matrices

2014/12 - Generalizations of bounds on the index of convergence to weighted digraphs

2014/11 Linear Algebra and its Applications - Weak CSR expansions and transience bounds in max-plus algebra

2011/04 European Journal of Operational Research - A coupling approach to estimating the Lyapunov exponent of stochastic max-plus linear systems

2010/02 Mathematics of Operations Research - Memory loss property for products of random matrices in the $(\max,+)$ algebra

2008/03 Electronic Journal of Probability - Cycle time of stochastic max-plus linear systems

2007/10 Annals of Applied Probability - A central limit theorem for stochastic recursive sequences of topical operators

2007/01 - Limit theorems for iterated random topical operators

2006/07 - Law of Large Numbers for products of random matrices with coefficients in the max-plus semi-ring.

2005/10 - Produits de matrices aléatoires :exposants de Lyapunov pour des matrices aléatoires suivant une mesure de Gibbs, théorèmes limites pour des produits au sens max-plus

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