Joel • RIVAT
Professeur (PR) • Affiliation : Aix-Marseille Université (AMU)
Site : Luminy • Bureau : 205 • Etage du bureau : 2 •


Groupe(s) scientifiques(s) de l'utilisateur :
Thématiques scientifiques :
  • Analyse harmonique
  • Cryptographie
  • Mathématiques discrètes
  • Systèmes dynamiques symboliques
  • Théorie analytique des nombres

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2019/05 Ramanujan Journal - On the distribution of the sum of digits of sums $$a+b$$ a + b

2019/01 Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu - PROPRIÉTÉS LOCALES DES CHIFFRES DES NOMBRES PREMIERS

2019/01 Journal of the European Mathematical Society - Normality along squares

2019/01 Bulletin de la société mathématique de France - Nombres premiers avec contraintes digitales multiples

2018/11 Transactions of the American Mathematical Society - Rudin–Shapiro sequences along squares

2018/06 - The Theorem of Vinogradov

2018/06 - Prime Numbers

2018/06 - Dirichlet Series

2018/06 - Arithmetic Functions

2018/06 - Riemann’s Zeta Function

2018/06 - The Large Sieve

2018/06 - The van der Corput Method

2018/06 - Euler’s Gamma Function

2018/06 Journal d'analyse mathématique - Moments of a Thue-Morse generating function

2018/01 - Bases of Analytic Number Theory

2017/09 - The Measures of Pseudorandomness and the NIST Tests

2017/06 Canadian Journal of Mathematics - On the digits of sumsets

2017/01 Annales de l'Institut Fourier - On short sums of trace functions

2016/03 Functiones et Approximatio Commentarii Mathematici - Multiples of squares in short intervals

2016/02 - The Thue-Morse sequence along squares is normal

2015/01 Journal of the European Mathematical Society - Prime numbers along Rudin–Shapiro sequences

2015/01 - On arithmetic properties of products and shifted products

2015/01 Acta Arithmetica - Fonctions digitales le long des nombres premiers

2014/10 Acta Mathematica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae - On arithmetic properties of sumsets

2014/01 Acta Arithmetica - Théorème des nombres premiers pour les fonctions digitales

2011/12 Publicationes Mathematicae Debrecen - A Turan--Kubilius type inequality on shifted products

2011/08 Journal of the London Mathematical Society - The sum-of-digits function of polynomial sequences

2010/01 Acta Arithmetica - A Turán–Kubilius type inequality on sum sets

2010/01 Annals of Mathematics - Sur un problème de Gelfond : la somme des chiffres des nombres premiers

2009/04 Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society - ON THE GOWERS NORM OF PSEUDORANDOM BINARY SEQUENCES

2009/03 Compositio Mathematica - Primes with an average sum of digits

2009/01 Acta Mathematica - La somme des chiffres des carrés

2009/01 Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux - On Gelfond's conjecture about the sum of digits of prime numbers

2008/12 Monatshefte für Mathematik - The sum of digits of primes in $${\mathbb{Z}}$$ [i]

2008/03 Monatshefte für Mathematik - On the correlation of pseudorandom numbers generated by inversive methods

2008/01 Acta Arithmetica - Pseudorandom sequences of binary vectors

2007/04 Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society - On a problem of D. H. Lehmer

2006/01 - On Pseudorandom Sequences and Their Application

2005/12 Periodica Mathematica Hungarica - Modular constructions of pseudorandom binary sequences with composite moduli

2005/10 Journal of the London Mathematical Society - The Sum-of-Digits Function of Squares

2005/01 Acta Arithmetica - Propriétés q-multiplicatives de la suite \lfloor n c \rfloor, c>1

2005/01 Ramanujan Journal (The) - Constantes d'Erdös-Turán

2004/12 Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society - On the pseudorandomness of the signs of Kloosterman sums

2004/03 Monatshefte für Mathematik - Construction of Pseudorandom Binary Sequences Using Additive Characters

2004/01 Publications de l'institut Elie Cartan - Les suites binaires pseudo-aléatoires

2003/01 Theoretical Computer Science - Density results on floating-point invertible numbers

2003/01 Theoretical Computer Science - Density results on floating-point invertible numbers

2002/01 Illinois Journal of Mathematics - On the pseudo-random properties of n^c

2002/01 - A. Undecomposable matrices in dimension 3 (by J. Rivat)

2001/05 Glasgow Mathematical Journal - Prime numbers of the form [nc]

2001/04 Canadian Journal of Mathematics - Nombres premiers de la forme ⌊n c ⌋

2001/01 Periodica Mathematica Hungarica - On pseudo-random properties of P(n) and P(n+1)

2001/01 Mathematics of Computation - Explicit upper bounds for exponential sums over primes

2000/01 Acta Arithmetica - On finite pseudorandom binary sequences IV: The Liouville function, II

1999/01 Illinois Journal of Mathematics - Congruence properties of the Ω-function on sumsets

1999/01 Colloquium Mathematicum - On the metric theory of continued fractions

1998/10 Mathematics of Computation - Computing $\psi(x)$

1998/01 Acta Arithmetica - On finite pseudorandom binary sequences III: The Liouville function, I

1997/01 Acta Mathematica Hungarica - A sequences analog of the Piatetski-Shapiro problem

1996/01 Mathematics of Computation - Computing $\pi(x)$: the Meissel, Lehmer, Lagarias, Miller, Odlyzko method

1996/01 Experimental Mathematics - Computing M(x)

1995/05 Glasgow Mathematical Journal - Primes of the form [ p c ] and related questions

1995/02 Journal of Number Theory - Primes of the Form [nc]

1995/01 Acta Arithmetica - Répartition des fonctions q-multiplicatives dans la suite $([n^c])_{n∈ ℕ}$, c > 1

1994/06 - Computing π(x), M(x) and Ψ(x)

1992/03 Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society - On the Pjateckii-Sapiro Prime Number Theorem

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