Nicolas • BEDARIDE
Maître de Conférences (MCF H) • Affiliation : Aix-Marseille Université (AMU)
Site : Château-Gombert (CMI) • Bureau : R 321 • Etage du bureau : 3 •


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Rechercher mots clef :
    Words Symbolic dynamic Complexity function Billiard Sturmian words Discrete segment 05A16

Thématiques scientifiques :
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Measured dynamic systems
  • Geometric dynamic systems
  • Symbolic dynamic systems
  • Geometric group theory
  • Algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry

Publications HAL

2020/12 - Symbolic coding of linear complexity for generic translations of the torus, using continued fractions

2020/01 Journal of the London Mathematical Society - Graph towers, laminations and their invariant measures

2019/04 - Tower power for $S$-adics

2019/01 Geometriae Dedicata - Canonical projection tilings defined by patterns

2018/10 Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems - Symbolic Dynamics of a Piecewise Rotation: Case of the Non Symmetric Bijective Maps

2018/01 Transactions of the American Mathematical Society - An example of PET. Computation of the Hausdorff dimension of the aperiodic set

2018/01 Bulletin de la société mathématique de France - Topological substitution for the aperiodic Rauzy fractal tiling

2017/10 Israël Journal of Mathematics - Weak local rules for planar octagonal tilings

2017/02 - Icosahedral Tilings Revisited

2016/01 - Thermodynamic formalism and Substitutions

2015/10 - Invariant measures for train track towers

2015/01 Discrete and Computational Geometry - No Weak Local Rules for the 4p-Fold Tilings

2015/01 Communications in Mathematical Physics - When Periodicities Enforce Aperiodicity

2014/01 Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society - Regular simplices and periodic billiard orbits

2013/10 - Piecewise rotations: symbolic dynamics


2013/01 Monatshefte für Mathematik - Minoration of the complexity function associated to a translation on the torus

2012/09 - The Ammann–Beenker Tilings Revisited

2012/01 Nonlinearity - A characterization of quasi-rational polygons

2011/01 Journal of the London Mathematical Society - Outer billiard outside regular polygons

2008/01 Forum Geometricorum: A Journal on Classical Euclidean Geometry - Periodic billiard trajectories in polyhedra

2007/12 Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A - Entropy of polyhedral billiard

2007/09 - On the Number of Balanced Words of Given Length and Height over a two-Letters alphabet

2007/01 Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A - Entropy of polyhedral billiard

2007/01 Annales de l'Institut Fourier - Billiard complexity in the hypercube

2007/01 Theoretical Computer Science - CLASSIFICATION OF ROTATIONS ON THE TORUS T 2

2007/01 Theoretical Computer Science - Classification of rotations on the torus $\mathbb{T}^2$

2003/01 Regular and Chaotic Dynamics - Billiard complexity in rational polyhedra

2003/01 Regular and Chaotic Dynamics - BILLIARD COMPLEXITY IN RATIONAL POLYHEDRA

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