Probability and Conformal Field Theory

  September 18th - 25th 2022, Agay les roches rouges (France) 





Organization committee:

Colin Guillarmou (Université Paris-Sud, France)
Antti Kupiainen (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Rémi Rhodes (université Aix-Marseille, France)

The organizing committee is pleased to announce the workshop "Probability and Conformal Field Theory", to be held in september 2022, from 18th to 25th. We are looking forward to seeing you in Agay Les roches rouges.

The workshop scope includes:
  • Conformal field theories: probabilistic and algebraic aspects
  • Constructive quantum field theory
  • SLE/CLE theory
  • 2d quantum gravity

New announcements and reminder

- Arrivals are scheduled on sunday 18th (no rooms are available on saturday 17th).

- Last departures are scheduled on sunday 25th (no rooms are available for the night 25th/26th).

- Conference will start on monday to let time to participants to join the center. Please consult "Practical information" for further details about getting to the center (especially about trains to Agay).

- A preliminary program will be available soon.

- Location of the IGESA center here .

Key deadlines

2022 june : 1st announcement 

2022 june, 30th: deadline for confirmation.




Practical information

Registration will start on Sunday 18th in order to allow participants to join the venue during the day.

The conference will be held at the IGESA Centre, in Agay les roches rouges (France), close to the city Saint-Raphael. The center IGESA belongs to the armed forces of France as a recreation and meeting location.


For information:

  • the closest airport is Aéroport Nice-Côte d'Azur (56kms): one can then join the center by taxi (Thierry 00 33 6 09 77 44 49) or by train.
  • by train: go to Saint-Raphael and then a connecting train to Agay (10min)

Tentative list of participants

Baverez Guillaume (Humboldt university Berlin, Germany)

Bernard Denis (ENS Paris, France) slides

Cercle Baptiste (ENS Paris, France)

Chernyak Dmitry (ENS Paris, France) slides

Chevillard Laurent (ENS Lyon, France) slides

Guillarmou Colin (University Paris-Sud Orsay, France)

He Yifei (ENS Paris, France) slides

Hughenot Nathan (Aix-Marseille university, France)

Jacobsen Jesper (ENS Paris, France) slides

Jego Antoine (university of Cambridge, UK) slides

Junnila Janne (university of Helsinki, Finland) slides

Kozlowski Karol (ENS Lyon, France)

Kravchuk Petr (King's College, London) slides

Kupiainen Antti (university of Helsinki, Finland)

Lupu Titus (university Paris-Sorbonne, France) slides

Mazac Dalimil (IAS Princeton, USA) slides

Oikarinen Joona (university of Helsinki, Finland) slides

Rembado Gabriele (University of Baonn, Germany) slides

Rhodes Rémi (Aix-Marseille university, France)

Roux Paul (ENS Paris, France)

Saksmann Eero (university of Helsinki, Finland)

Santachiara Raoul (University Paris-Sud Orsay, France) slides

Vargas Vincent (University of Geneva, Switzerland) slides

Viklund Fredrik (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

Wang Yilin (MIT, Boston, USA)


Talks will be allocated 55 minute-slots for invited talks and 5 minutes for questions.

Please find here the program:

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