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Évènements à venir / Upcoming talks

The Turing Centre deciphers the complexity and the dynamics of living systems.

CENTURI Tutored seminars are opportunities for students and young scientists of our community to meet renowned scientists invited during the CENTURI seminar series.

The CENTURI seminars (always on Monday at 01.30 p.m.) are followed by an hour-long informal discussion between the speaker and the M2 students, PhD and postdocs. The tutored seminars with invited speakers are prepared a few days before with the invited speaker’s host, by discussing 2 articles suggested beforehand by the speaker.

Évènements passés / Past events

2022-05-23Clothilde MelotTitle to be announced
2022-03-21Sarah FilippiTitle to be announced
2021-04-19Caroline ChauxFormulation and resolution of inverse problems in signal and image processing
2021-03-15Philippe RoudotAutomated pattern recognition for live cell microscopy: the cost of blind faith and how to avoid it
2017-09-18Florence HubertMathematics and biology: Two examples of collaborations/interactions

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