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Nature Séminaire transverse (inter-laboratoires)
Responsables Sandrine ANTHOINE (I2M), Valentin EMIYA (LIS), Ronan SICRE (LIS)
Laboratoires I2M, équipe SI (Marseille) et LIS, équipe Qarma (Marseille)
Fréquence Hebdomadaire
Jour-Horaire Vendredi, 14h30-15h30
Lieux CMI, salle de séminaire R164 (accès) et quelques fois à la FRUMAM St Charles (accès)
Lien www.i2m.univ-amu.fr/seminaires_signal_apprentissage/
Contact sem-signal-apprentissage-request_at_listes.math.cnrs.fr
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Évènements passés / Past events

2023-12-12Romain PetitRégularisation par la variation totale (du gradient) pour la reconstruction d'images constantes par morceaux
2023-12-01Afef CherniTitre à préciser - Afef Cherni
2023-11-10Hans FeichtingerRecent developments concerning Conceptual Harmonic Analysis
2023-10-20RentréeSéminaire de rentrée
2023-05-12Julien FlamantPolarimetric phase retrieval: uniqueness and algorithms
2023-04-07Mimoun MohamedSupport Exploration Algorithm for Sparse Support Recovery
2023-03-31Hachem KadriML quantique
2023-03-17Lotfi ChaariHamiltonian Monte Carlo Bayesian optimization for sparse deep neural networks
2023-03-10Julien FlamantPolarimetric phase retrieval: uniqueness and algorithms
2023-03-03Zhengyu ZhaoAdversarial attacks
2023-02-03João Carlos de Oliveira SouzaImage denoising and DC programming
2023-01-13Arthur MarminSéminaire Signal et Apprentissage - Arthur Marmin - TBA
2022-12-09Thomas SchatzSéminaire Signal et Apprentissage - Thomas Schatz - TBA
2022-12-02Quentin FerréAnomaly detection in genomic catalogues using unsupervised multi-view autoencoders
2022-11-25Rafika BoutalbiClustering approaches for tensor data
2022-09-30Equipe Signal & ImageSéminaire de rentrée
2022-06-10Aya El DakdoukiSVM hyperbolique et ingénierie du noyau
2022-06-03Claire DelplanckeUn algorithme primal-dual stochastique et ses applications à la reconstruction d’images pour la tomographie à émission de positrons
2022-05-06Pulkit AGRAWALComing of Age of Robot Learning
2022-04-08Stefano FORTUNATIMatched, mismatched and semiparametric inference in elliptical distributions
2022-04-07Afef CHERNICorpus-based analysis of the Behavioral Cues and Social Attitudes related to Persuasion
2022-04-04Alexandre CONSTANTINTime-Series Analysis of Massive Satellite Images: Application to Earth Observation
2022-03-25Aurélien BELLETPrivacy-Preserving Federated Learning
2022-03-24Amine BOHIImage processing in the semidiscrete group of rototranslations
2022-03-11Mayank BARANWALTitre à préciser
2022-03-04Philippe ROUDOTTitre à préciser
2022-02-11Guillaume AUBRUNEntangleability of cones
2022-02-04Emmanuelle SALINVision-Language Transformers Learning Multimodal Representations? A Probing Perspective
2022-01-28Xu JIDiscreteness, generalization, and GFlowNets
2021-12-16Antoine CHATALICMean Nyström Embeddings for Adaptive Compressive Learning
2021-12-03Alexandre GAUDILLIEREForêts de Kirchhoff et estimées spectrales
2021-11-26Denis FORTUNRegistration of point clouds with anisotropic localization noise for single particle reconstruction in fluorescence microscopy
2021-10-15Jules RIOTaking into account periodicity in deep denoisers
2021-07-02Liva RalaivolaDifferentially-private sliced Wasserstein distance
2021-06-25Jérémy CohenLearning with low-rank approximations
2021-06-18Paul ViallardMajority vote learning in PAC-bayesian theory: state of the art and novelty
2021-06-11Emmanuel SoubièsExploiting local regularity properties to boost and expand safe-screening
2021-06-04Oriane SiméoniRobust image representation for classification and object discovery
2021-05-28Ronan HamonInterplay between AI and cybersecurity: robustness and explainability of machine learning models
2021-04-23Paul EscandeKeOps: Kernel operations on the GPU, with autodiff, without memory overflows
2021-03-26Julien AudiffrenHierarchical bandits for quantifying human perception
2021-01-29Guillaume RabusseauTensor networks for machine learning - Guillaume Rabusseau
2021-01-22Philippe CiuciuAccelerated MR Imaging: From shorter data acquisition to faster image reconstruction - Philippe Ciuciu
2021-01-15Adrien MeynardAn efficient forecasting approach to reduce boundary effects in real-time time-frequency analysis - Adrien Meynard
2020-12-11Mathias LemkeAdjoint-based identification of sound sources for sound reinforcement, source localization and acoustic flow control - Mathias Lemke
2020-11-27Barbara PascalTexture segmentation based on fractal attributes using convex functional minimization with generalized Stein formalism for automated regularization parameter selection
2020-11-20Philipp KrahWavelet adaptive POD for large scale flow data
2020-11-06Claire BoyerSampling Rates for ℓ1-Synthesis
2020-07-03Adrian VladuGraph algorithms through the lens of continuous optimization
2020-06-19Irène WaldspurgerOptimal rank for the Burer-Monteiro factorization
2020-04-15Hung TruongA mass-spring fluid-structure interaction solver: application to flexible wings
2020-03-13Nicolas Tremblay, Simon BarthelméSmoothing graph signals via random spanning forests
2020-03-06Sixin ZhangMaximum-entropy models and Turbulence
2020-02-21Michael PerrotComparison-based learning: hierarchical clustering and classification
2020-01-30Thomas EngelsA 3D wavelet-based incompressible Navier-Stokes solver for fully adaptive computations in time-varying geometries
2013-10-04M. E Bellemare (LATP-LSIS) at CMI: De l'imagerie diagnostique à la chirurgie. Ou en sommes nous ?
2013-09-20L. Duval (IFP) at Frumam (St Charles): Curvelets, contourlets, *lets, etc. : a panorama on 2D directional wavelets and multiscale geometric transforms
2013-09-20M. Marchand at CMI (Univ. Laval): algorithmes d'apprentissage et bornes sur le risque pour l'approche de la régression à la prédiction de structures
2013-07-11E. Vincent (INRIA) : comment interfacer séparation de sources et classification audio?
2013-07-04R. Bailly (UPC) : Spectral Learning of Hidden Structure or "How NLP (Natural Language Processing) is just a matter of compressive sensing"
2013-06-27F. Angeletti (ENS Lyon): Critical order for moment estimation : insights from statistical physics.
2013-06-06P. Vandergheynst (EPFL): Robust image reconstruction from multi-view measurements
2013-06-06C.-A. Azencott (Max Planck Institute) : Large scale network-guided feature selection in genome-wide association mapping
2013-05-30D. Vibert (LAM): Solar Rotational Tomography: reconstruction of the electronic density in the Solar Corona.
2013-05-16L. Moisan (MAP5): The Posterior Mean of the Total Variation model
2013-05-02L. Ralaivola (LIF)
2013-04-25R. Gribonval (INRIA Rennes) : Sparse dictionary learning in the presence of noise and outliers
2013-04-11H. Omer (LATP): Estimation of frequency modulations on wideband signals\, applications to audio signal analysis
2013-04-05B. David (Télécom ParisTech) : Pédagogies innovantes actives - retour d'expérience et discussion
2013-04-04C. Coiffard (IRMA\, Unistra): A Markov point process for Fiber extraction
2013-03-28M. Kowalski (L2S): Social Sparsity: application to audio inpainting.
2013-03-21N. Chu (L2S): Bayesian approaches via sparsity enforcing priors for acoustic source imaging with robustness\, super resolution and wide dynamic range
2013-03-14Q. Barthelemy (CEA): Dictionary learning and application to EEG
2013-03-07J. Lefèvre (LSIS): Harmonic analysis on manifolds: recent applications in neuroimaging data
2013-01-31E. Vural (EPFL): Transformation-invariant analysis of visual signals with manifold models
2013-01-24G. Gassier (IM2NP): Subspaces methods in passive radar
2013-01-10P. Réfregier (Institut Fresnel): Cramer-Rao Bound and application to radar and optical polarimetry
2012-12-13J. Marchi (INS) : Fully unsupervised detection and clustering of EEG epileptic spikes
2012-11-22Liva RalaivolaOnline confusion learning and passive-aggressive scheme.
2012-11-15E. Morvant (LIF): A Well-founded PAC-Bayesian Majority Vote applied to the Nearest Neighbor Rule
2012-11-08Full Signal and Machine Learning afternoon session for welcoming new members.
2012-10-18Nelly PUSTELNIK - A multicomponent proximal algorithm for Empirical Mode Decomposition
2012-09-27Sylvain TAKERKART - Learning from structured fMRI patterns using graph kernels
2012-09-20Anaik OLIVERO - Phase Reconstruction Problem: Recent Advances and Applications for Audio Signals
2012-09-13Thomas PEEL - Matching Pursuit with Stochastic Selection


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