Beauty of Mathematics

I2M, Château-Gombert, Marseille

Date(s) : 20/11/2018   iCal
13 h 30 min - 17 h 00 min

Dans le cadre de la classe de Master MAAP, une conférence sur le thème « Beauty of Mathematics » se tiendra le mardi 20 novembre 2018, de 13h30 à 17h dans l’atrium du CMI, à Château-Gombert, Marseille. Tout le monde est bienvenu !

Les sujets iront des nombres premiers à la beauté des preuves sans mots…et beaucoup plus !

The first year students of the master MAAP class, is happy to invite you to their conference. The talks will be centered around the theme « the Beauty of Mathematics » and will be held in English. Subjects will range from prime numbers to the beauty of proofs without words… and much more ! We would like to thank our professor, Lauriane Ouvrier and our chairmen : Leo Kammerlocher & Yacine Youssfi.

Call for paper

For some scientists, doing mathematics is a little like doing abstract art, we use objects, concepts that are not concrete at all, between Algebra, analysis, topology and so on …
Gauss said that Mathematics was « the queen of science », that’s why mathematics are also representative of our world and our science.
You can connect mathematics to art, teaching, or even to music: that is the beauty of mathematics, it applies to everything.
During this seminar, you will be asked to focus your lectures on the representation of the beauty of mathematics, it can be some math of everyday life or not.
The only watchword is to show a beautiful aspect of mathematics.

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Organisation : Etudiants de la classe de Master MAAP

First half :

– 1.40-1.50p.m Pauline Brugger : Why do people hate math?
– 1.50-2.05p.m Jeremie Capitao : Proof without words
– 2.05-2.15 p.m Thomas Laurens : Probabilities
– 2.15-2.25 p.m Jarod Foucaud : Group Theory
– 2.25-2.35 p.m Q&A
Break & posters:

– 2.35-3.05 p.m
Quentin Courtois : Beauty of a proof
Julien Baumet-Dubout : Mathematical paradoxes
Leo Kammerlocher : Beauty in the proportions of a face

Second half :

– 3.15-3.30 p.m Anis Moumeni : Prime numbers
– 3.30-3.45 p.m Charly Finette : How to hang a picture in the worst possible way using algebraic topology ?
– 3.45-4 p.m Nicolas Saber : Basel problem
– 4-4.10 p.m Q&A

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