Manifolds, fibers and bundles : an introduction to geometry for non-flat-earthers

Mathilde Guillaud

Date(s) : 12/10/2023   iCal
17 h 00 min - 18 h 00 min

Despite many attempted experiments by our flat-earther friends, physics seem to indicate that the Earth is, in fact, round ! Round you tell me ? But we only learned geometry in flat space ! How are we to describe our own planet if it is not flat ? Fear not, for differential geometry is there to save us ! Our dear flat-earthers are not so far from the truth… Indeed, our beloved blue planet looks LOCALLY flat, and that is where the magic happens.

In the first part of this two-fold seminar, I will introduce various tools in differential geometry that will help us get an intuition for gauge theories later on. Be warned, this will not be a mathematics lecture on the topic but rather a first “hands-on” experience of geometry in curved spaces. As I am not a mathematician by education, but a physicist gone rogue, there will be no excruciatingly long and complex definitions but rather schematics to give an image of what we are trying to achieve. I hope however you will enjoy this bird’s eye view of the field with me !



Le séminaire des doctorant⋅es de l’I2M et du CPT à Luminy regroupe chaque semaine les doctorant⋅es du site autour d’un exposé plus ou moins (in)formel, dans un cadre convivial. Il est évidemment ouvert aux étudiant⋅es de master et aux doctorant⋅es d’autres laboratoires.

C’est au rez-de-chaussée du bâtiment de « l’ancienne BU », dans la salle « Séminaire 2 » (au fond à gauche en sortant de l’escalier si vous venez de l’étage, au fond à droite si vous entrez par le rez-de-chaussée). Attention : l’entrée dans le labo nécessite un badge. En cas de souci (de type : être bloqué⋅e dehors), appeler le 04 91 26 95 91.

Amphi 5 - TPR2 (room 500-504, fifth floor)


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