Rémi Ronfard (INRIA Rhone Alpes) : Automatic cinematography and film editing for 3-D animation

Date(s) : 13/03/2014   iCal
14 h 00 min - 15 h 00 min

Automatic cinematography and film editing for 3-D animation\n\nBy Rémi Ronfard\, INRIA Rhone Alpes.\n\nI will present some recent work on automatically creating movies from 3-D animation. This includes work on planning the positions and movements of cameras to capture the animation\, and work on cutting between cameras (film editing or montage). I will present the prose storyboard language as a means for planning and directing cameras in 3-D animation. I will present ongoing work in analyzing the cinematography and editing of real movies using computer vision techniques. I will present recent work on implementing intelligent behaviors for autonomous cameras with high-level cinematographic goals. I will end with recent results on a computational model of film editing\, where we analyze the main causes of editing errors and build a cost function for minimizing them. With a plausible semi-Markov assumption\, we can solve for the best movie using dynamic programming. This new approach promises to significantly extend the expressiveness and naturalness of virtual movie-making.

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