S. Anthoine (I2M): Color tomography

Date(s) : 04/04/2014   iCal
14 h 00 min - 15 h 00 min

Color tomography \n\nBy Sandrine Anthoine\, I2M\n\nAbstract:\nIn classical X-ray tomography\, a set of measurement is obtained by illuminating a 3D object with an ideally monochromatic X-ray source. After reconstruction one obtains a map of the absorption of the object for the energy corresponding to the monochromatic source. In color X-ray tomography\, one acquires instead a set of measurement by modifying the spectrum of a polychromatic source with different filters. As a result\, one is able to reconstruct several absorption maps (one for each filter) that contain different spectral information. The question at stake is whether one can combine these information to obtain directly absorption maps of spectral components of the object. I will show how the model leads to a non-linear inverse problem\, and propose a solution relying on sparsity.

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