Singularity Theory and Regular Stratifications (on the occasion of the retirement of David Trotman)

FRUMAM, St Charles, Marseille

Date(s) : 29/09/2021 - 01/10/2021   iCal
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In honor of David Trotman

The Theory of Regular Stratifications, a branch of the theory of singularities, was introduced by H. Whitney, J. Mather and R. Thom (Field Medalist in 1958) in the 1970s to study and classify the singularities of smooth maps. Since then, this field has been the subject of in-depth and fruitful research by French and international mathematical schools. All the mathematical descendants of D. Trotman (what René Thom had defined ‘The Trotman’s school’) will participate in this event as well as the best French and international specialists with whom they collaborate.

Organisation : Claudio Murolo, Camille Plénat

Image issue de l’article “Variétés polaires II. Multiplicités polaires, sections planes et conditions de Whitney, par B. Teissier. In Algebraic geometry (La Rabida, 1981), 314-491, Lecture Notes in Math. 961, Springer, Berlin, 1982″ (en pdf)


FRUMAM, St Charles (2ème étage)


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