Fiber bundles Part 3: a physical example

Mathilde Guillaud

Date(s) : 29/02/2024   iCal
17 h 00 min - 18 h 00 min

After wandering from manifolds to bundles, from groups to fibers and fighting against sections and connections, we now turn to a physical example, electromagnetism. “Finally!” you may say. Hold on though, as we still need to introduce a few objects for our journey towards physics. We’ll start with a very fast recap on fiber bundles, then move on to Maxwell’s equations and how to formulate them in terms of differential forms. Finally we’ll look at the correspondences between the different objects at hand and try to give an idea of how to relate electromagnetism to the differential geometry formulation.
As we have quite some ground to cover and not much time, I will try to keep the recap quite short and won’t spend much time on reminders. If you missed the first seminars (shame on you), you shouldn’t be too lost as there will be many drawings to help understand. Potatoes and arrows will be our best friends. I hope to see you there, until then, stay hydrated.


Le séminaire des doctorant⋅es de l’I2M et du CPT à Luminy regroupe chaque semaine les doctorant⋅es du site autour d’un exposé plus ou moins (in)formel, dans un cadre convivial. Il est évidemment ouvert aux étudiant⋅es de master et aux doctorant⋅es d’autres laboratoires.

Pour le moment, le séminaire a lieu dans la salle 500-504b du TPR2, au 5ème étage.

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