Equidistribution: number theory and dynamics (by Valentin Blomer, universität Bonn)

FRUMAM, St Charles, Marseille

Date(s) : 09/06/2023   iCal
16 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min

Valentin BLOMER (Universität Bonn) – Gauss Lectureship in 2021 (Gauß-Vorlesung)

The modular curve X, i.e. the upper half plane modulo the action of the group of the SL(2, Z), is a Riemannian manifold with rich arithmetic structure. Classical results state that low-lying horocycles and closed geodesics of growing length become equidistributed. In this talk, I will focus on mixing properties of such equidistribution results. A protoype are two horocycles of different speeds.

Contact : raphael.beuzart-plessis@univ-amu.fr (co-responsable du colloquium)

Colloquium de Mathématiques de Marseille


FRUMAM, St Charles (2ème étage)


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